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Healing Ways from the Ancients for today!

Azurae's Spirit doctor healing team, the Spirit in Nature and the White Light Brotherhood often assist in amazing healings during workshops. They connect journeyers with the highest possible Guides, Spirit Doctors and Totems to match their soul's blueprint frequency. Azurae was taught in the XAT Native American Medicine Society to access wisdom directly from the Spirit of Nature, the Enlightened Ancestors, Spirit Doctors who offer healing from other dimensions, the masters of the White Light Brotherhood and DNA memory. She carries this legacy of opening wisdom and healing channels to her students who are continuing to build on to the curriculum of Practical Shamanism.

NOVA Shamanic Healings and Group Ascension Initiation

Shamanic Clearing, Healing  Heart Soul Journey  with the Ascension Medicine Wheel Initiation

With Azurae Windwalker
Arlington Metaphysical Chapel

Sat. Aug. 26, 11 am – 4:00 pm Private Healing Sessions and  5 – 7 pm Group Healing Session

Private Healing Sessions – one hr.  @ $125 -  1.5 hrs. $150.     Group Heart Soul Journey and Ascension Medicine Wheel Initiation  $25

Healing Choice #1 - Soul Retrieval Petroglyph Portraits See your perfected soul
blueprint in art and be more of who you truly are! Retrieve lost soul parts. Return to your authentic self. Let shamanic artist, Azurae Windwalker, capture the blueprint of your soul’s frequency in pastels & charcoal.  You’ll have an unforgettable healing and inspirational experience. Receive wisdom of your soul’s mission as defined by your gifts and talents. Find your totems, angels, enlightened ancestral guides, soul colors and symbols. Be empowered by your true beauty!  Use your Soul Portrait as a shamanic tool for self-realization and retrieve more soul parts later!  **45 min – 1 hr. includes oral and written interpretation, art and soul retrieval. $125 w soul retrieval

Healing Choice #2 – White Light Master Clearing of Body Mind, Emotions and Soul, Weaving a Rainbow Protective Garment,  Strengthen Your Protective Aura  Reclaim Lost Soul Parts, Power up!!!! This is perfect for healers and overly sensitive people who have been overwhelmed by the world and/or those who are plagued by Shift symptoms.  On the Amethyst  biomat  you’ll enjoy  Archangel Michael and his flaming net which transmutes cellular toxins, heavy emotions, corrects misaligned  DNA, clears spirit attachments, implants and other harmful energy to your health. Then Azurae weaves a much stronger refined  protective aura for you using a rattle Rainbow Aura shamanic technique. It connects you more strongly to receiving healing energy from Grandfather Sun, Great Spirit  and Mother Earth. Afterwards client’s say they feel like they have been surrounded in a loving protective cocoon. Non benefical chords are cut to people, places and events which drain or manipulate you. Finally lost soul parts are retrieved and you learn how their return strengthens your well being. 55 min. $125

Healing Choice #3 - Core Trauma Timeline Clearing – Clear Present Trauma Drama Paterns, Journey to its Past Life Origin Trauma for a Gentle Healing!   Includes  SOUL  RETRIEVAL and RELEASE of SPIRIT ATTACHMENTS.  Gently release trauma drama patterns blocking you from experiencing a full, happy, health and prosperous life.  In award winning shamanic journey we travel to the original trauma that began the non-beneficial patterns you experience.  They are gently released through neurolinguistic programming, angelic and spiritual master intervention, DNA and cellular memory clearing and the shaman’s intent from the spiritual, emotional, physical and emotional bodies. You do NOT have to relive the pain of your trauma as you are placed in a state of non-ordinary bliss to see and reverse your trauma.  The trauma is then replaced with angel honey vital lifeforce and a new pattern that works for all.  We retrieve lost parts of your soul self so you can be more of who you really are!  And we repair damage in your protective aura, clear implants, cut chords to non-beneficial people, places, events & clear spirit attachments  if needed!!!!                  1.5 hrs.  $150.

 Group Shamanic Healing around the Ascension Medicine Wheel

               Journey into your Heart Soul Center

In a chaotic world full of anger and hate you can find sanctuary within your heart soul center. Azurae will lead a shamanic journey into the home of your soul which is a place of non-duality, peace and bliss. From this place you may wish to send healing energy to people and planet. When we manifest from the ego mind we automatically receive what we are seeking and the opposite of that. Your mind automatically creates duality based results.  When in your heart soul center you can co create exactly what your soul desires.

Ascension Medicine Wheel 

The Ascension Medicine Wheel is a magnificent shamanic tool for calling in the seven Ascension Rays which are flooding Mother Earth with the Galactic Energies needed to raise humanity above our low energies of greed, hate, anger and shame to our highest potential and spiritual masterhood.  When we experience this beautiful initiation we are much more able to cope with the increasing energies of the Shift and work with High Spiritual Masters, Angels and Nature Spirits. We come out of the initiation vibrating at a much higher frequency!  We are closer to the frequency of the high spiritual guides we seek….And as we are all related… when we experience the initiation we affect many others in our circles of relationships in ripples of love for personal and planetary healing.  Suggested love offering $25.

Testimonials: “Soul retrieval is so powerfully healing! Nothing else works as well as becoming whole to oneself - of the energy we are rightfully entitled to! Many people know something is wrong...they might even say...something is missing! They have half of the answer...they just didn't know it was part of them! You do this (soul retrieval) work as a medicine woman/shaman.....The great thing is that no matter the method, the recognition of the trauma that caused the (soul) break, there is the great need to return this soul part and integrate it.  I appreciate your being here on earth at this time to act as guide to others higher awareness and the healing of our Mother Earth. Keep up the great work, and may you receive the blessings of our forefathers/grandmothers, plus the Great Spirit that connects us all!”  Dee Chips,  President Emeritus of the National Association for Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

After the healing on Sat. to my heart by you, your gateway turtle picture, and the workshop group,  the very clear message I got when we connected with our healing White Brotherhood spirit doctors was, “We are endless in healing for all of you, the Earth and the Universe.”” Rev. Tina Stonestreet, Artist and Interfaith Minister, Practical Shamanism student in MD

I had inherited my daughters' cats in July 2012 when she moved out of the country. I have been taking homeopathic medicines to counteract my awful AWFUL cat allergies - they worked but only when I took them; usually my allergies came back within a couple of days of running out of the medicine. When I received the healings from you last month, I had run out of the medicine and thought, oh well, I will start taking it when the allergies kick back in. But they have not! Your healing is the only thing I've done lately that could account for that, thanks! And Mac and Brick, our cats, thank you because they're getting a lot more loving now that I can cuddle with them!! Maribeth Coye Decker, CMT, MS, MGA, NO VA senior student and healing client.

Arlington Metaphysical Chapel
5618 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22205
703 276-8738

Or find information at www.theAmethystCenter.com
Azurae Windwalker 540-947-2423  azuraewwlkr8@earthlink.net

NOVA Secrets of Shamanic Manifestation Aug. 27 & Sept. 10

 Secrets of Shamanic Manifestation at Tacoma Park Chapel 
Aug. 27 & Sept. 10
After we have cleared negative beliefs, blocks and habits. it’s time to manifest that which we desire to fulfill our purpose on Earth. First we will journey to the above world to ask for guidance from the keepers of the Akashic Records. Then we’ll make a list of 16 desires to be fulfilled. Finally we enjoy a manifestation and integration ritual employing dowsing, wand work, sacred geometry, energy vortexes and the assistance of the Spiritual Masters of the White Light, Chief Angels and the Spirit in Nature. $35 1- 4 pm

(301) 587-7200 or sending an email to takomachapel@netzero.net. to reserve your space.


 The Medicine Wheel Treasure Map and Manifestation Ceremony

 First we'll review the Secrets we learned in the last workshop and how we have used them.  And we will dowse the lists you have made for your soul desires to see what is the strongest for you.  The medicine wheel is a portal to higher dimensions…and much more. When you make a medicine wheel treasure map which centered in your I AM statements about yourself and put your emotions, visualization, and prayer into it….. manifestation happens almost magically. You may decide what your goals are for Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Mental/Material directions of your medicine wheel beforehand and cut out pictures of them to illustrate your goals or begin your wheel in class. Finally we’ll do a special manifestation and energizing of your Manifestation Medicine Wheel in ceremony to help it do its job! (bring scissors, glue sticks, drums, and creativity and your lists of goals for each direction) $45 1 – 5 pm)

(301) 587-7200 or sending an email to takomachapel@netzero.net. to reserve your space

 Tacoma Park Metaphysical Chapel House, 1901 Powder Mill Rd., Silver Springs MD.
 For info call Antonia @ 202-577-3763 
Register w Azurae @ 540-947-2423 azuraewindwalker@gmail.com

MOVED! Medicine Wheel Healing and Sacred site Visions at the Amethyst Center Aug. 19 - 20

 MOVED! Medicine Wheel Healing and Sacred Site Visions at the Amethyst Center Aug. 19 - 20
Do you need sanctuary? Healing? A vision quest? A Nature Experience at a deep level? 
The Amethyst Center is an auspicious sanctuary for healing and visioning with the Spirit in Nature, the White Light Spiritual masters, the devic community and with angels. We are like the Findhorne of the Blue Ridge and have developed a happy co-creative relationship with Nature Spirit. So Nature Spirit, our resident Angel and the Spiritual Masters who frequent our sacred space have agreed to work on deep profound level with a limited number of people during this VERY special gathering..... Come to our wonderful weekend of Medicine Wheels, Sacred Site Healing & Medicine Visions - August 19 - 20. Gather with other gifted highly spiritual beings and find peace and community! 

Nine Sacred Sites and Medicine Wheels are Calling you to Heal and Vision with them!!!!
There are nine very powerful sacred sites on the 31 acres of
the Amethyst Center, each one having a unique healing medicine. They are the Angel Meditation Garden, The Herb Medicine Wheel, The Periwinkle Fairy Grove, The Water Elemental Sacred Spring, The Ceremonial Dance Circle, White Bears Medicine Grotto, the Sacred Forest Electromagnetic Medicine Wheel, the Robbers Roost Indian Rock Shelter and stream, and the Little People’s Territory in the Old Growth Forrest on the Ridge.

Meet the Powerful Spiritual Beings that Help and Heal at the Amethyst Center.
In this workshop we will dowse or muscle test the sacred sites from which you will receive the most beneficial healing or wisdom downloads and you’ll enjoy shamanic journeys and or meditations at three of them. Don’t be surprised to meet one of our resident Little People, Fairy Folk, the Tall White Elvin Guide, or White Bear of the Red Feather Medicine Society in your visions.
We will review how to merge energetically with your sacred sites using breath work, shamanic journey, intent, visualization and intent. Bring art supplies and / or cameras to record your visions and wisdom gained. Visions are made manifest when you create art, song, or dance with them. And this we will do!!!! 
This is an Ideal Time to Vision, Heal and Manifest with the Spirit in Nature, the Chief Healing Angels and the White Light Spiritual Masters!!!

Consider this a mini vision quest and an opportunity to learn advanced Nature Spirit Healing Techniques. 11 am – 6:00 pm Sat.. 11 am – 2 pm Sunday. $100 See www.theAmethystCenter.com for details. Paypal to azuraewwlkr@earthlink.net

NOVA July 29-30 Shamanic Healing Sessions and Soul Portraits

Soul Portraits and Shamanic Healing Sessions at Arlington Metaphysical Chapel July 29 - 30

Join me in celebrating Chief Rainbow Weekend and the installation of a new minister, Brain Funk,  at Arlington Metaphysical Chapel. The weekend program has many wonderful speakers on shamanic/spiritual subjects and looks like a NOT TO MISS event! 
Click here to see the complete program with all the fantastic healings, readings and lectures:

Here's what I'm offering:
Healing Choice #1 - Soul Retrieval Petroglyph Portraits AND Soul RetrievalSee your perfected soul blueprint in art and be more of who you truly are! Retrieve lost soul parts. Return to your authentic self. Let shamanic artist, Azurae Windwalker, capture the blueprint of your soul’s frequency in pastels & charcoal.  You’ll have an unforgettable healing and inspirational experience. Receive wisdom of your soul’s mission as defined by your gifts and talents. Find your totems, angels, enlightened ancestral guides, soul colors and symbols. Be empowered by your true beauty!  Use your Soul Portrait as a shamanic tool for self-realization and retrieve more soul parts later!  55 min.  includes oral and written interpretation, art and soul retrieval. $125.   Pay on line here:

Healing Choice #2 Award Winning Shamanic Healing JourneyChakra Clearing and Balancing which includes Cutting Non Beneficial Chords, Clearing Implants and Etheric Wounds. Perfected Soul Blueprint Retrieval,  SOUL  RETRIEVAL  and RELEASE of SPIRIT ATTACHMENTS.  Experience an award winning shamanic journey  and healing that  gently releases chords, implants and patterns that block your health, happiness and fulfillment. With the help of the Spirit in Nature, the White Light Masters of Healing, the Chief Healing Angels and our Divine Centers... Azurae first awakens your blueprint of Soul Perfection, aids your ascension process and clears and tunes up your chakras. Non beneficial chords hindering your wellness are cut to events, people and places. Energetic implants which control unhealthy patterns and/or block your full self healing and spiritual mastery are removed. Your Energy Body is strengthened so you are more resilient and protected from outside negative energies. Finally lost pieces of your soul are retrieved  you you can be more of who you really are!!  A short reading tells you about what that recovered soul piece means to your life going forward. 

Azurae is a gifted clear channel, medical intuitive and  40 year practicing shamanic healer with thousands of happy clients and students. She employs NLP, dowsing, angelic intervention, White Light Brotherhood Spiritual Masters, Nature Spirits, aroma therapy, crystal and herbal healing and Quantum Energetics in her sessions.  55 min.   $125 Pay on line here: http://www.arlingtonmeta.org/chief-rainbow-weekend-2017-readings/#windwalker

Healing Choice #2 - Core Trauma Timeline Clearing Journey for Traumatic Physical Illness, Accidents, Rape, Shock, PTSD and more - Start a happy life anew! Azurae uses cutting edge shamanic and energetic healing technologies to gently clear trauma from this and other lives tracing and clearing trauma patterns back to its original source. When the source is cleared you can begin a new pattern of wellness. In Core Trauma Timeline Clearing, the White Light Masters, the Healing Angels, the Spirit in Nature and Azurae extract the trauma out of your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies. Anything less leaves a holographic imprint which can still carry the trauma.  Azurae searches for your soul blueprint of perfection and returns or reactivates this blueprint in you. Your blueprint for health will magnetize and manifest your original true well being over time. Dowsing and NLP may also be used to reconnect you to the forces of healing and clear any victim belief patterns.Your aura may need to be reinforced and/or rebuilt to give you stronger boundaries. And certainly energetic wounds must be repaired and implants cleared that manipulate and weaken you. 

Many clients say that their rehabilitation times have been drastically cut after these sessions. They say that they can once again claim a joyful life.  A number of sessions may be required as layers of trauma and non-beneficial patterns are being revealed during the Shift. You do NOT have to relive your trauma or be retraumatized to heal... as you are placed in a state of non-ordinary bliss to see and reverse your trauma. 55 min.  $125  Pay on line here: http://www.arlingtonmeta.org/chief-rainbow-weekend-2017-readings/#windwalker

Healing Choice #3 -  Ascension Awakening by Clearing of Grief, Shame, Blame and Forgiveness Ritual    
The loss of spouses, children and parents can cause debilitating grief. In order to move into a joyful and healthy present and future and ascend your soul we must clear the shock and trauma holding you back. Azurae uses the same cutting edge healing technologies as used in Healing Choices #2 and #3. In addition tears are cleared from your emotional and spiritual body and a JOY Guide is retrieved to return happiness to you. 

 Often there is a fair amount of exhaustion, shame and self blame if one is a care giver of a loved one. These emotions can be cleared out of the body mind and spirit.  Then a Ho’ponono Hawaiian forgiveness ritual will complete your healing paired with the cutting of non-beneficial chords to your loved ones leaving the connection to unconditional love. Sometimes messages are received from loved ones from the other side for your help, healing and knowledge of the loved ones well being. One of Azurae’s apprentices is an excellent medium if you need further contact. Remember the soul never dies as we are spirits living in physical bodies.  55 min. $125  Pay on line here