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Azurae's Spirit doctor healing team, the Spirit in Nature and the White Light Brotherhood often assist in amazing healings during workshops. They connect journeyers with the highest possible Guides, Spirit Doctors and Totems to match their soul's blueprint frequency. Azurae was taught in the XAT Native American Medicine Society to access wisdom directly from the Spirit of Nature, the Enlightened Ancestors, Spirit Doctors who offer healing from other dimensions, the masters of the White Light Brotherhood and DNA memory. She carries this legacy of opening wisdom and healing channels to her students who are continuing to build on to the curriculum of Practical Shamanism.

Nature Spirit Energy Medicine is our Hope for the Future.

Nature Spirit Energy Medicine is our hope for the future.
Raleigh Update........
The Neuse River Trail

Nature Spirit Energy medicine is our hope for the future. Last year I did a shamanic journey to see what the focus would be for me in teaching practical shamanism  in the next year. I got a very strong message to help people work with Nature Spirit Energy Medicine and that this medicine from Nature was all we really need to make it through the Earth Shift and humanities’ rising frequencies.  Unfortunately society has become so alienated to Nature that the simple rules, like bare footing, must be taught or really re-remembered.  The end result of the workshop is that students will be able to access healing and information directly from Nature Spirit. They will also learn how to create refuges for Nature Spirits who are stressed by civilization’s encroachment. As a class project we will be enhancing our workshop locations as Nature Spirit Refuges as well.   Nature can then better heal the non-beneficial energies and materiality created by  humankind.                                                                                                      
The Nature Spirit Energy Medicine workshop in Raleigh this week was a roaring success. The night before the workshop Sherry Noah and I walked the Neuse River Trail asking permission to use it for workshops and leaving many fairy gifts of crystals and candy.  When we finished the walk Sherry heard that we have been on an initiation walk. Very good!!!! This would prove to be true for the whole group of students. We were nine people strong. We began the workshop by building a Nature Spirit Medicine Wheel Altar and smudging, clearing and balancing  each person with the tetrahedron smudge ceremony which was gifted to Dorrine Running Deer and me by the “Little People”  25 years ago. The Little People are elf-like characters which  inhabit a higher dimension but can materialize in physical form. Cherokee literature, both ancient and modern, abounds in  their stories.  In Indian territory they look like Indians but are only 4 ft. tall. 

Our first Nature Spirit Adventure was when  we went to the Neuse River Trail near Sherry Noah’s home,  for a Nature Spirit Medicine Walk. Just as we entered the trail we heard a hawk. (As I am writing this at home I heard another hawk!!!!)  This is a message from Great Spirit and certainly a good sign that this would be a holy day. The first sacred site we found was a power spot marked by a tree with a two  naturally made hearts in the bark. The top heart was  pointing to the sky and bottom heart pointing down  to the Earth. This means “as above so below,” one of the Universal Laws we were studying. The hearts mean “with compassion!!!!!”  We tested the power spot with pendulums and it was very strong. At this site we powered up with the sun triangle and let the energy run through our bodies into the Earth which increased the energy of this already powerful spot.  Perhaps this is to be the site of Raleigh’s future  Nature Spirit Eco-shamanism Medicine Wheel.  This will be a place where the students and all Nature can meditate and pray. 

As we walked further we saw many twin trunked trees which are good tree medicine for working on relationships and duality.  Then we began seeing the rare three trunked trees – which are good for balancing, amplification of energies and intent.  Finally we found a very VERY rare four trunked tree. This big medicine tree brings in the healing qualities of the four directions, east/spiritual, south/natural/emotional, west physical and north/mental.  I asked for permission and got an ok to work with the tree. The students chose which trunk to grock, or merge with, and gather healing. Since each of the four trunks was growing in a specific direction, it would have the healing qualities of that direction.  The trunk was only a foot off the ground. Then the students stood right in the middle of the four trunks and centered gaining healing from all four directions. They then left some hair to give thanks for the gift received by this standing one, a wonderful medicine tool of Nature.  We were all honored to be one with that magnificent tree being.

Also on the trail is a beautiful bridge which can be used later in a Cherokee intuitive process.  One of the students found a little frog, a totem for abundance and rainmaking. And we saw a Peace Eagle (buzzard) which means cleaning up the non-beneficial energies and  recycling it. We  certainly did that later!!!!  By the time we were finished the group had grown into a cohesive unit and were greatly energized.   On coming back to Sherry’s home, we studied the Universal Laws of Nature and  the Rules for Working with Nature Spirit. Then eating our bag lunches, supplemented by Sherry’s tasty salads  we enjoyed some down time. This helped us to ground and keep in balance!!!! Working with such high energy makes one hungry and thirsty.  It is very important to stay hydrated during such powerful times of accessing energy.  Sherry’s home is an ideal workshop space. She keeps the energy pristine and her homey back porch is filled with crystals, chimes and bird calls.  A water feature in her back yard, lovely landscaping,  an angel statue and  a small woods brings the Nature Spirit right into us and creates a lovely atmosphere for personal growth and stress release.

Next we cleared the six energetic epidemics felt by everyone going through the rising Shift energies.  The students are learning to use muscle testing to find their own before and after percentages. We will repeat this clearing process regularly as the Shifting energies  keep folks energetically out of balance. But I expect that we will see a general stabilization of the energies of the students as they make the Practical Shamanism  and Nature Spirit Energy Medicine techniques part of their regular disciplines. The six energetic epidemics are:

v  Nature Spirits Strength on Property, Land and Body

v  Imbalance of blood flow to the brain and right and left brain balance

v  Soul in this dimension and grounded in this time

v  How strong is the body or body part’s desire to live?

v  Polarity

v  Out of balance with Universal Energy

v  Balance with home, yourself, family, land and Source of all Love and Light

The energy was so high during this dowsing clearing  it was hard to focus!!!!! Considering we have just had several major DNA upgrades this week and solar flares, we were doing quite well to stay organized!!!!!  Then we went to the back yard going bare foot so we could directly access the healing energy that comes from Mother Earth’s electromagnetic field. We created the blue bubble protective energy field for Sherry’s home and our own homes to protect from solar flare madness and the non-beneficial energy of people and places coming into our living spaces. We mastered the golden egg personal protection shield which gives maximum shielding from harmful electromagnetic fields of cell phones, computers and negative energy.  This is a life changing core technique of practical shamanism.

After this everyone one felt like just lying on the ground.  We did so and all of a sudden huge waves of energy came in. I checked in  and saw that there were fifty or more Little People doing Little People Energy Medicine on us! Sherry felt the same thing.  Wow! This usually happens at the last workshop, not the first so I think we’re going to be in for really advanced work with the Little People helpers!!!!  Most of the people in the group saw colors, and felt the energy. One gentleman was petted and touched by them.  I admit, I was surprised that we got such good treatment from the Little People so fast in the workshop process. However, I must say that I had brought an ambassador from the four tribes of Little People at the Amethyst Center to give his own Little People workshop to his relatives there. And years before I had brought two Little People there to Sherry’s home to help the resident LP’s deal with the drought stricken trees in the area. So perhaps because we had a previous history, we were honored by this amazing attunement from these wonderful 5th dimensional beings. Most energy medicine and herbal cures of indigenous peoples (later copied by Big Pharma) are direct downloads from the Little People. So I expect we will have a lot of this cross cultural information exchange with this Raleigh group.  Super! After such attunements by the Little People one can get “fairy fuddled”  and it’s hard to think.  So we had to do the child pose and reground. 

Finally we did a shamanic journey to clear self core trauma from our current and past lives. We do this so that we can drop our heavy energy, rise to the higher levels of the Shift as well as effectively communicate and work with Nature Spirit Energy Medicine.  In this session the folks were really clearing out some deeply buried trauma which affected their soul’s progress on their upward evolutionary spiral. The process is gentle. The results were  intense!!!!!  We retrieved lots of lost soul parts too and cut non-beneficial chords to people, events and places that negatively affect us. I expect that it will take about 45 days to integrate all of this Nature Spirit Energy Medicine. But I am very happy with the results and the participants were uniformly excited about doing more Nature Spirit Energy Medicine work soon!!!!! I suggest as a follow up to take salt baths, drink dandelion tea, take burdock tincture, and/or lemon water.  Negative ion foot baths are a good idea too. Such energy as we experienced pushes out toxins and we might as well clear them as easily as possible while they are on the surface.   Lying on the ground is also a good aftercare idea to reconnect with Earth’s natural healing energy.  Journaling dreams is a really good idea as we all received a lot of information in the journeys and Nature Spirit Attunements and it takes time for all this to be revealed. The Nature Spirit Energy Medicine is time released, loads of fun and VERY effective.   Thank you , Thank you, Thank you  Nature Spirit, Sherry and students for a peak experience!!!!!

Soul Retrieval - A Sign of the Shift

Soul Retrieval - A Sign of the Shift

By Azurae Windwalker

“A shaman is a man or woman who interacts directly with spirits to address the spiritual aspects of illness, perform soul retrievals, divine information, help the spirits of deceased people cross over, and perform a variety of ceremonies for the community. Shamans have taken on many roles in tribal communities. They have acted as healers, doctors, priests, psychotherapists, mystics, and storytellers.” Sandra Ingerman, author and shaman

Have you ever heard someone say “I have never been the same since a certain (negative) event happened”? Have you ever seen someone with blank dead eyes with little light coming from them? That probably means soul loss has occurred!  Most shamanic cultures around the world believe that illness is due to the loss of soul parts. So when the shaman retrieves and restores the lost soul parts - mental, emotional spiritual and physical heath can be restored. In this time of higher and higher frequencies on Mother Earth, people are Shifting up and recognizing that something is missing in their lives. And they are seeking to fill the holes in themselves in both healthy and unhealthy ways according to their knowledge and soul path of learning.

  Mother Earth is calling her children home. The high frequency of this Shift has set up a situation where lost soul parts are waiting in line to be retrieved and returned to their home.  This is a new occurrence that has happened in the last two years, perhaps in sync with the Galactic alignment of Dec. 21, 2012. As Dannion Brinkley, lightning shaman, near death experiencer and author says, “We chose to be born now and we were chosen to be here in this auspicious time as helpers and healers.” It is truly a time of soul ascension. Soul Retrieval plays a very important part in this!

 It is time to come back home again to live in the Light and live fully and wholly on Mother Earth. The way showers among us are choosing to co-create the world we want to live in the 5th World of Light. To do this we must magnetize our Planetary New Golden Age and our personal best possible futures by having much more complete soul energy frequencies. This means we must  return our lost soul parts, loose our heavy hucha energies, release those who have traumatized us from the chords which bind us together  and retrieve and reintegrate the Light of our lost Soul parts within our cells, molecules and heart soul center. Then we can fully share our Light as part of the Galactic Community. So NOW is REALLY the time for the return of the Shamen and Soul Retrieval to the people and the planet. “We are the ones we have been waiting for!” say the Hopi.

Soul loss is a survival tactic that helps us survive pain. For instance, part of your soul might fragment or disassociate rather than feeling the massive pain of hitting a rock wall in a car wreck. So, in fact, it is truly a soul’s divinely intelligent and natural way of coping and NOT a negative thing. The Spirit in Nature has such enormous intelligence in balancing and harmonizing our souls’ progression up the Spiral of Ascension. Soul Loss is part of Nature’s plan.

When someone suffers an emotional or physical trauma a part of our soul flees the body to survive. Our souls are the essence of the self, the vital life force energy that keeps us alive and thriving. Types of trauma resulting in soul loss would be an accident, a severe shock, war trauma, being a victim of a natural disaster or terrorist act, or abusive relationship.  Surgery, addictions, divorce, death of a loved one, and moral dilemmas may also cause soul loss. Abuse in any form is a likely cause of soul loss too. Occasionally someone might even intentionally steal a soul part from another person. What might cause soul loss in one person may not even affect another person. We are all very unique in this according to the soul path and lessons we signed on to master.

Usually a lost soul part does not come back by itself.  In fact it may not even know the trauma has passed and that it is safe to return. And one could be so young when this trauma occurred that he or she can’t even remember the soul loss event.  So usually the shaman must seek the lost soul part in non ordinary reality and return it to the body of the client.

Where do these lost soul parts go? Shamans know that a piece of the soul leaves the body and goes to another dimension which is called in shamanism, non-ordinary reality. I believe that as we shift up and move out of the 3rd dimension and closer and closer to the 5th dimension, Soul retrievals will become easier and easier. Ten years ago it seems a shamanic practitioner was lucky to retrieve two lost parts.  To retrieve up to 6 in one healing session for a client is now possible for me and my clients.  Non-ordinary reality is changing!

 Ordinarily the lost soul part waits until someone intervenes in the spiritual realms and facilitates its return. Soul retrieval was once a fairly difficult task and it took a fair degree of shamanic mastery to do it.  However, since the frequency of the planet has risen so high during the Shift, now many lost soul parts seem to be waiting in line to be returned.  I see this often when I do Soul Petroglyph Portraits. These charcoal and pastel drawings illustrate the perfection of the soul’s blueprint in petroglyphic symbols, colors, totems, angels, elements and ancestors. At the conclusion of the drawing I use the frequency of the soul’s perfect blueprint to magnetize lost soul parts back into the body easily. And the client can use the Soul Portrait in the same way to return lost soul parts using a triangular hand mudra over the art. The Returning these lost soul parts is a very important part of our ascension process. And having a way to do do-it-yourself soul retrieval is very important now!

Some of the more common symptoms of soul loss are dissociation - feeling not fully in your body and alive and not fully engaged in life. Other symptoms include chronic depression, suicidal tendencies, post traumatic stress syndrome, immune deficiency problems, and grief that just do not heal. Addictions are also a sign of soul loss as we seek external sources to fill up the empty spaces inside of us whether through substances, food, relationships, work, or buying material objects.

Because our modern material culture is so disassociated from and ignorant of our soul health - we create patterns that go back thirty or forty years without healing. Thus we relive our first trauma, or core trauma, over and over again.  In shamanic cultures these traumas are caught early, often within a few days, so the soul health of the individual and the community culture is restored with little damage.  I have seen original core traumas going back through many lifetimes to be relived over and over in varying traumatic incidents until they are cleared and the soul parts retrieved….Same soap opera, different characters in different times. For instance a sailor, who was drowned tragically in an ancient  past life sea battle, might in the next life express this trauma  again as a submarine worker in fear of the sea, chronic bronchitis and lung cancer.

 In such a case I would suggest a core trauma release and soul retrieval that goes through the present and past back to the far past to heal the original trauma. The idea being that if you clear the original trauma and that of the present, the rest in between will clear themselves. In Core Trauma Release I work with shamanic journey, neurolinguistic programming and shamanizing with the help of the Spirit in Nature, the White Light Masters, the Angels of healing, and the soul of myself and the client.  Breath work, drumming, sacred song and energy medicine also assist this pattern to be cleared in body, mind, spirit and emotion. Then the repeating soap opera of that trauma is happily ended. Soul Retrieval is easily completed. And with aftercare and lifestyle change, health, happiness and well being can be restored.

When we put money and greed over life you can really see how much soul loss there is on the planet today and how much we are out of balance as a society. There are so many takers of life now, both literally and metaphysically, that many people feel like giving up. Evil is live spelled backwards. Those who heartlessly rape and pillage Mother Earth’s resources and take her life force - disrespect their Earth Mother as well as spoil their home and family future. They are surely experiencing and acting out of soul loss. Those materialists who numbly buy and buy things to find happiness to fill the gaping hole left by soul loss will never EVER fill it. Let us pray for those beings to return their lost parts home!  This is the true great disease of the 21st century. Only soul retrieval will mend this hole. And as we retrieve our lost soul parts, and are fully in our bodies NOW, we help to heal others as we are all connected energetically and are resonating together harmonically. Heal yourself. Heal the planet! There is hope!

In Core Trauma Release with Soul Retrieval it is most important to address how the trauma is held in spirit, emotional, physical and mental bodies. The Medicine of Wheel Life contains these in its four quadrants. Various people hold trauma in differing ways. Using the Medicine Wheel as a metaphor we can determine which area is weakest.  During Soul Retrieval in Core Trauma Release the client is coached in earth sun circular breathing so they stay powered up for the shamanic journey as I play the heartbeat on the drum. They are led through present, past and far past with a spiraling drum beat and instructed in NLP clearing ways to erase present and past life trauma from the Mental Body as the White Light Spirit Doctors work on them in the Spiritual, Emotional, Physical Bodies. Sometimes the Little People Energy Medicine Workers give an assist. I also clear and heal the chakra holding cellular trauma from the Core Trauma with energy medicine. Then in the shamanic journey the clients have an opportunity to talk to their non-ordinary Journey Guide or Totem to find the soul meaning or lesson from the trauma. 

 Only then do I journey to the dimension where the lost soul parts are held and coax them home. Then I blow the lost soul parts back into the body, integrating them into the cells, molecules, DNA and into the soul heart center.  The Light of the Soul as it enters the body looks like many tiny points of light much like the Star Trek beaming up light. I tell the client to see a light version of their body descending into their body. Sometimes this looks like their adult body.  Or perhaps it might look like a teen or young child depending on when the trauma occurred. Occasionally the Soul Light Body might look like someone of a different sex or even like an ancient warrior from a past life.

 The client connects to this Light using any metaphor which occurs to them. The client focuses on this metaphor as I blow the returned soul essence back into them. I ask clients breathe deeply as they absorb the Light of their Soul into every cell and molecule. Using rattles, drums, sacred geometry and healing songs I seal the soul parts back in the body. I also cut non beneficial chords to situations or people which may or may not be relevant to the trauma which precipitated the soul loss. And I may SEE with my shaman’s eyes any timeline trauma ropes, etheric nets, swords, arrows or spirit attachments and remove them from the body. When these are removed I ask the angels to fill the gaps with energetic angel honey which heals any wound from the inside out. When the client comes out of their journey, they look in the mirror and they immediately see much more Light coming from their eyes, the seat of the soul!!!!! It is an amazing and powerful immediate change!  Sometimes there are actually physical changes in the body too!

 Then the client and I debrief and share the visions we saw during their healing journey. They drink some “magic energized healing water” to rehydrate and so do I.  Core trauma release and soul retrieval requires a lot of energy and this is a lot of work!!!!  Often we see different versions or details of the same story. We may use muscle testing to verify any  details we might not be clear on during the core trauma journey.  I write some of the journey details and give them to the client for further meditation. For homework the client must look into a mirror directly into their own eyes for ten days and say, “I love you and welcome home!” to each soul part that has been retrieved. They do this to cement the lost soul parts in with love which is the glue of the soul. And I suggest that they take sea salt baths and drink lemon water  to clear toxins kicked out during the journey and soul retrieval.

Now it is time for aftercare.  The client must change unhealthy lifestyles to create a healthy life style and attract healthy relationships. The goal is wholeness and a life filled with healing. The client must begin to police their thoughts because we attract what we think. They must set goals for emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health. And act on them. They must ask themselves, “How do I best use all the returned vitality I have?  How can I use this renewed personal energy to build a positive present and future for myself, my family and community? How do I thrive? What is my passion? What is my soul path?” Long term healing after soul retrieval depends on these life style and changes in thought patterns.

For the sake of a bright future for Mother Earth, for your own higher ascension as a soul and for a far more happy and whole life right NOW in ordinary reality, think about how soul retrieval can help and heal you!  I will be glad to help you. And if you are a Shamanic practitioner think how you can better serve your community with Soul Retrieval.  I teach these methods in my apprenticeship program. Shine your Soul Light brightly!

About Azurae Windwalker: Azurae Windwalker is a shamanic artist, Nature Spirit energy medicine healer, life coach and teacher of Practical Shamanism.  Her healing practice has spanned 30 years with thousands enjoying her wisdom at Body Mind Spirit Expos, healing centers, universities and Unity Churches. Inspired by her American Indian ancestors, Azurae’s Practical Shamanism is an ever-growing practice that meets the challenges of today.  Azurae was trained in a seven-year apprenticeship in the XAT Native American Medicine Society where she became a ceremonial leader and it’s council pipe carrier.  Building on a traditional base she was gifted with the intuitive guidance from her Spirit Doctors and the Spirit of Nature to craft a Practical Shamanic Practice that is available to all people who seek to explore their gifts of healing, intuition, psychic self-protection, and Earthkeeper Wisdom.

 Azurae maintains a busy healing practice using shamanic healing and art, shamanic journey, core trauma timeline release, release of spirit attachments, retrieval of lost soul parts, chord cutting and psychic surgery. Azurae employs methods such as Angelic Intervention, Ceremony, Spirit Doctoring, NLP, and Medical Intuitive Kinesiology. Dowsing, stone and herbal shamanic healing are also employed to bring wholeness, health and balance to clients.  Her seven Spirit Doctors and the Brotherhood of White Light continue to bring new techniques to Azurae and her students as needed.