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Healing Ways from the Ancients for today!

Azurae's Spirit doctor healing team, the Spirit in Nature and the White Light Brotherhood often assist in amazing healings during workshops. They connect journeyers with the highest possible Guides, Spirit Doctors and Totems to match their soul's blueprint frequency. Azurae was taught in the XAT Native American Medicine Society to access wisdom directly from the Spirit of Nature, the Enlightened Ancestors, Spirit Doctors who offer healing from other dimensions, the masters of the White Light Brotherhood and DNA memory. She carries this legacy of opening wisdom and healing channels to her students who are continuing to build on to the curriculum of Practical Shamanism.


 Apprenticeship This advanced study requires mastery of Practical Shamanism 101 and 202 and an invitation based on ethics, interest, talent and harmonious working criteria. We focus on deeper esoteric learning such as shape shifting, clearing ways, weather shamanism, ceremonial leadership, stone people healing, Elemental mastery, Earth keeping, advanced shamanic healing techniques, Gateway Healing, Devas and "Little People," and creation of sacred spaces.  Apprenticeship classes are small giving opportunity to focus on special interest study of apprentices. The apprenticeship program meets three times per year. Apprentices meet at the Amethyst Center near Roanoke, VA or work on special projects at sacred sites such as Great Serpent Mounds. They also work as Earth Keepers by Transmuting Personal and Planetary toxins and elevating the consciousness of humankind and all our relations through a worldwide  Bio-Grid of blessed amethysts.

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