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Healing Ways from the Ancients for today!

Azurae's Spirit doctor healing team, the Spirit in Nature and the White Light Brotherhood often assist in amazing healings during workshops. They connect journeyers with the highest possible Guides, Spirit Doctors and Totems to match their soul's blueprint frequency. Azurae was taught in the XAT Native American Medicine Society to access wisdom directly from the Spirit of Nature, the Enlightened Ancestors, Spirit Doctors who offer healing from other dimensions, the masters of the White Light Brotherhood and DNA memory. She carries this legacy of opening wisdom and healing channels to her students who are continuing to build on to the curriculum of Practical Shamanism.

Herb and Tree Spirit Medicine June 13 with Azurae Windwalker at the Amethyst Center

Herb and Tree Spirit Medicine June 13 Advanced Shamanic Healing

Do you want more balance and peace amid the chaos of change?  Many times you can avoid psychiatrists and doctors...... if you work actively with the Spirit in Nature for your health and peace of mind!!! Here you can access healing and information directly from Source.  Study with Azurae Windwalker & directly from Nature Spirit this year at the Amethyst Center near Roanoke VA in the Blue Ridge Mountains!  June 13 begins our summer series with Herb and Tree Spirit Medicine. We are pleased to offer to you 31 acres of a unique sanctuary for Nature Spirit full of sacred spaces, fairies, herbs and ancient trees for your educational, inspirational and healing experience.

There has never been a time with such deep and profound changes. That's why Azurae wants to help you re-remember your personal Nature Spirit Energy Medicine connection in a series of Nature Spirit Energy Medicine Workshops. You’ll learn many techniques that were direct gifts from Nature Spirit to her to be used right now to gently Shift up into higher consciousness and body/mind/spirit health. And you'll be able to access many of your own techniques directly from Nature too! During the  workshop series you’ll have focused contact and experiences with the Great Tree Spirits, Herbal Allies, Stone Medicine helpers, the Fairy Folk and Little People. Join us for a fun, useful, enlightening, empowering and splendid healing workshop series! Check out the event page for more info https://www.facebook.com/events/887451347964552/

Herb and Tree Spirit Energy Medicine in a Sacred Sanctuary for Nature Spirit Energy Medicine at it's Best in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Roanoke VA June 13 with Azurae Windwalker, shamanic artist/healer

How Your Herb and Tree Spirit Energy Medicine Curriculum works for YOU!

Herbal Medicine Wheel – Meet the 65 plant spirits of the Medicine Wheel Herb garden. Learn how to telepathically communicate with them and use them with energy medicine for healing. Use your intuition, dowsing and muscle testing to find 2 herbal allies in each direction for spiritual, emotional, physical and mental healing and make an herbal medicine bundle. We’ll share nature spirit energy medicine through these to classmates for their personal healing.

Medicine of the Trees – Experience the healing qualities of ancient grandfather trees. The oak, the willow, the cedar, the pine, the poplar, maple and the walnut will be your guides. Learn to gain wisdom, healing to receive messages and send messages on the wind through trees. Nature Speaks by Ted Andrews is our resource book.

Chakra Breathwork of Reciprocity - Breathing lifeforce back and forth to your herb and tree allies bring healing and balance by sharing energy with Nature Spirit
Songs of the Plants and Trees - Bring a drum or use ours and learn songs to connect better to Nature and Natures healing and helping gifts.

Core Techniques of Practical Shamanism - Learn to power up, employ shamanic breath work, and use personal psychic self protection with techniques that have been directly downloaded from the Little People.

Shamanic Journey to meet plant and tree devas – Merge with your favorite tree or herb ally and receive help, healing and useful information for your healing practice. Some of you may begin to hear their frequencies in song. And experience a Nature Spirit Attunement which gives you a much more intense connection with Nature.

Return to Wholeness Earthchange Attunement 1+ Herbal Allies – The original blueprint of your soul in the perfected state is reawakened in a dance aided by the Brotherhood of White Light , Nature, Chief Healing Angels and Overlighting Healing Devas. And we’ll add your herbal allies in for a truly curative experience calling in the spirit of your herbal allies to help you.

 Cost $150 ($50 downpayment by June 1) Location: The Amethyst Center Sanctuary for Nature, 4443 Quarterwood Rd., Thaxton VA.24174 540-947-2423, Paypal to Azuraewwlkr@earthlink.net to pay and to register.



NO VA Shamanic Journeys and Healing Secrets for Hightly Sensitive Empathic People

Taking Care of Highly Empathic Sensitive People with Shamanic Journeys and Healing Secrets in NO VA
Hey DC folks!!!!!! Don't miss NO VA Shamanic Journeys and Healing Secrets: June 27 -Taking Care of the Special Needs of Highly Sensitive Empathic People!!!!! Finally I found a place in NO VA with an active Nature Spirit community!!! I need that to really be effective in sharing Practical Shamanism with you!!! Joy of Being Healing Arts Center and Retreat Center in Occoquan is perfect for my workshops and has water/marina views!!!!! It may be a little travel but it's worth it!!! (Take a look at this wonderful place for spiritual seekers at www.Joy-of-Being.net)
Sunday June 28 following the workshop I'll be doing private healing sessions. So if anyone need soul retrieval, core trauma release, implants cleared, chords cut, aura and boundary strengthened, soul portraits or soul attunements to angels, Nature, your guides, spiritual protectors totems, and/or spiritual masters.... we can do it then.
The workshop is focused on the filling needs of highly sensitive empathic people like us! Are you an Empath? Do you pick up on the feelings of others easily? Do you sometimes hold on to the negative energy of people and places to the detriment of your health? If so attend my information packed workshop series. The National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy made me an award winning shamanic journey leader. That means I've been recognized for my REALLY EFFECTIVE journeys. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!!!!! You will experience powerful shamanic techniques to help you clear yourself of unhealthy energies, retrieve lost soul parts, power up, retrieve your perfect soul blueprint AND protect yourself and home energetically. Students tell me this is life changing information when they put it into action.

In fact long term DC student Michele Trull says this, “I highly recommend attending Azurae' s classes for Empaths, as her techniques for clearing, grounding, shielding and working with your spirit body are effective, easy and necessary if you are a Lightworker in any capacity. This gives you the basics you need to start healing yourself so you can effectively help others. I've yet to find anyone else who teaches a set of comprehensive techniques such as these.”
The workshop is staged in three sessions so you will get what you need in single sessions but if you take the whole day you will advance along your souls evolutionary upward spiral exponentially. You will learn how to clear non-beneficial energy you have collected as you exercise your empathic skills. You MAY find a CURE for the challenges of being a highly sensitive empathic soul!
Azurae Windwalker is a 30 year shamanic healer/artist who has helped thousands of people on their path to self mastery and wellness. At her Amethyst Center Sanctuary for Nature in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Bedford Co. Azurae teaches how to work with the Spirit in Nature for healing, empowerment, spiritual mastery and Earthkeeper wisdom. And NOW she's brings that wisdom to NO VA....don't miss it
- This Shamanic Journey will help you to heal specific chakra based illnesses. First you will help to clear and shield our shamanic workplace with a magnificent technique you can use for your own home. Then we journey. Your "gateway" healer totem will help you release the illusion of disease, and call in good health. We muscle test to find chakras needing healing. Then using toning, aromatherapy, stones, herbs, color therapy, shamanic art and a special healing dispensation from your White Light Brotherhood Healing Team we reintroduce the perfection of your souls blueprint for health. After the session we muscle test for results. You'll be amazed at the results! 2.5 hrs. $50 per person - group of 10+


– Empaths have special needs. This session is for especially sensitive folks and professional healers who must learn a discipline to maintain health and sanity in a chaotic world. The heavy energy we pick up in Earth density bogs us down and keep us from receiving clear messages from our empathic solar plexus center. Too much heaviness there is not only uncomfortable but also contributes to disease of the heart and lungs. We will learn how to grow our shaman’s phantom energy fingers and pull out heavy energy collected in our own solar plexus from other people and situations. The result is a real lightness of being and clarity of our gut instincts. If time allows we’ll split into partners and learn how to intuit energy blockages in other chakras and help to clear them with phantom fingers psychic surgery. Then we power up. We put on the fabulous Golden Egg Shield of Alchemy and go into the world Warrior Light Workers. The exercises in this workshop are easy, fun, enlightening and empowering. 2.5 hrs. group of 10+ $50


  This Shamanic Journey will help you to retrieve lost soul parts as well as release spirit attachments, if necessary. You’ll also strengthen your energy body. When you recapture lost soul parts, you gain health, wholeness, energy and you magnetize your soul desires much easier. Lost soul parts are caused by trauma, relationship challenges, and addictions. When we release spirit attachments we clear thinking patterns and regain our true authentic selves. When we weave a Strong Rainbow Protective Aura you do not pick up so much negative energy from other people, places or electromagnetic energy vampires like computers and cell phones. And you do not leak energy from holes in your energy body.


- When you pick up negative energy or entities from others it can affect your health, influence your behavior, and create a downward spiral of low energy, lethargy, and moodiness. This is one of the most useful Practical Shamanic techniques ever and has been used by many people on a regular basis to clear trauma, offset disease symptoms, and self clear spirit attachments. 2 hrs. $75 per person group of 10 (must do session two also to have session three)


Sat. June 27 workshop at Joy of Being, 125 Mill St. #11 & #12, Occoquan, VA 22125-0048. ( A short drive by I-95 OR by Hwy. 1 to avoid traffic. There is also a nearby train station.)

Register at (703) 490-4720 http://joy-of-being.net  

Sunday June 28 Private Shamanic Healing Sessions and Soul Petroglyph Portraits w/Soul Retrieval starting at 10 am – 7 pm.   1.5 hrs $125.

 How you can easily get to Joy of Being Healing Arts and Spiritual Retreat Center and Directions:
The closest Metro (Train) stop is Franconia-Springfield (Blue line) and is a few miles away.  There are some nearby bus stops along the edges of town but not right in town.  There is a lot of public parking nearby.  There is street parking in front of the building, a small lot for the building (Riverwalk Shops) behind the building and behind that (under the 123 bridge) is a ton of parking as well as across the street (next to the yellow house) both lots are labeled public parking.  (If you take the bus or train call Azurae and we'll have someone pick you up. 540-947-2423.
Driving directions:  Exit 160 (123 Ox Rd) off I-95 is a few miles south of the 95/395/495 interchange ("mixing bowl"). Take exit 160 toward Occoquan/Lake Ridge onto VA-123N (.9 miles); Turn Left onto Commerce St (.1 miles); Turn R onto Washington St. (.1 miles); Turn R onto Mill St, Riverwalk Shops is on the Left next to Madigans Restaurant.
If you want to avoid the highway and are in Fairfax County you can take the Fairfax County Parkway to Ox Rd (123-S) and then go Right on Commerce (the rest of the directions are above).  Or if you are coming from Prince William County you can take the Prince William County Parkway and turn ontoTanyard Mill Rd (there are signs that say Historic Occoquan) for about half a mile then R on Commerce, L on Washington (rest of directions above).
Find out about Azurae and her highly effective shamanic healing work at www.theAmethystCenter.com. FB friend at Azurae Windwalker. Call or message Azurae at 540-947-2423. Send an email to Azuraewwlkr8@earthlink.net to get on the mailing list.
(Sept 5-6 is the next in the 3 part series. (A private healing session day follows each workshop. This series mission is mastery of Practical Shamanism for Highly Sensitive Empathic People)