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Healing Ways from the Ancients for today!

Azurae's Spirit doctor healing team, the Spirit in Nature and the White Light Brotherhood often assist in amazing healings during workshops. They connect journeyers with the highest possible Guides, Spirit Doctors and Totems to match their soul's blueprint frequency. Azurae was taught in the XAT Native American Medicine Society to access wisdom directly from the Spirit of Nature, the Enlightened Ancestors, Spirit Doctors who offer healing from other dimensions, the masters of the White Light Brotherhood and DNA memory. She carries this legacy of opening wisdom and healing channels to her students who are continuing to build on to the curriculum of Practical Shamanism.

Body Mind Spirit Detox Day at the Amethyst Center Sat. Oct. 8

Healing For Toxic Times!   
Sat. Oct. 18  Detox, Power up, Get clear!

No doubt we are living in toxic times. The food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the pharmaceuticals we take, the fear factory media, EMF’s and solar storms multiply our risk for disease and discomfort. This is the first of a series of special days at our wonderful Nature Spirit Sanctuary for clearing out our heavy toxic energy. We can then live healthier, happier more balanced lives.

 Detox Techniques Available:

·         Amethyst BiomatFar infared light penetrates five inches into the body causing toxins to flush out of your system, increasing circulation and reducing pain. And the amethyst induces a deep relaxation conducive to healing, dreaming and visioning.  It feels so good it’s addictive!

·         Negative ion Footbath  -  Salt and mild electricity combine to pull toxins,  yeast and heavy metals right out of your feet! You see results in the water and believe me, it doesn’t look good!

·         Crystalline Detox Grid & Weaving the Rainbow Protective Garment – Clear out Body Mind Spirit Toxins and  Amplify your protective aura for health.  Reclaim your lost energy!!!!! On the Amethyst  Biomat  you’ll enjoy  Archangel Michael and his flaming net which transmutes cellular toxins, corrects misaligned  DNA, clears spirit attachments, implants and other heavy harmful energy to your health. This is accompanied by a very effective crystal grid and healing ceremony aided by rattle healing. The Rainbow Protective Garment  Ceremony weaves you a much stronger and refined  protective aura and connects you more strongly to receiving  healing energy from Grandfather Sun, Great Spirit  and Mother Earth. Afterwards client’s say they feel like they have been surrounded in a loving protective cocoon.  This is perfect for healers, sensitive people who have been overwhelmed by the world and/or those who are plagued by Shift symptoms. 

·         Herbal Detox Formulas - Get the recipes for your own home detox teas and tinctures, Go home with a sample of ours made from herbs grown in the high frequency energy of the Amethyst Center.

·         Sea Salt Therapy – Learn about sea salt and how it clears the energy in your home through sea salt lamps. Learn about sea salt scrubs and baths and how they pull toxins out of your skin  leaving you fresh and renewed. While you relax on the Amethyst Biomat, enjoy our sea salt massage stones! Sea Salt therapy can also be experienced in the salt cave spa in nearby Forest VA

·         Liquid and smoke smudging – Burning cedar and sage have long been used by Native Americans to clear negative energy from homes and other places carrying negative non-beneficial energies. When smudging with smoke is not possible, you may use liquid smudges using Florida Water as a base. You’ll experience Azurae’s special cleansing, uplifting and loving brands of both. And get the recipe to make your own. Smudges are available for purchase.

·         Clearing homes with dowsing – We’ll do a distance dowsing for your home and clear any entities or energies which might manipulate, drain or weaken you. Then we’ll protect you from non-beneficial energy using an advanced Sun and Earth shamanic technique


Power Up Techniques Available:


·         Earth Sun Circular Breathing – This ancient Cherokee technique powers you up by hooking you into the orgone energy of the Earth and the magnificent powerful light energy of the Sun. Regular practitioners of this technique experience benefits ranging from a more youthful appearance, stronger auras,more energy, lower blood pressure and fewer Earthchange symptoms.

·         Sun Triangle Stance – By imagining a triangle across your heart and pointed above your head and looking at the Sun with closed eyes,  you  experience a quick 5 min. advanced power up. This is  particularly effective in winter for SAD sufferers.

·         Tree Grocking – When you open up your chakra centers, breathe and exchange energy  with our grandfather trees you experience a phenomenal power surge and gentle loving balancing of your whole energy system.

·         Drumming and Singing – Singing ancient chants for healing and drumming is fun and very empowering.

·         Medicine Wheel and Nature Spirit Meditation - You can easily access the magnificent natural healing available at  our 31 acre Blue Ridge Nature Spirit Sanctuary. Take a hike and you might enjoy the medicine of  a fairy, Little Person, deer, fox, crow or turkey. Enjoy the herb medicine wheel, the grotto, sacred woods, the frog pond deva and be sure to sit with our resident Angel  in the meditation garden!


Time:  10 am – 6 pm   Cost:  $75 half day    $150 full day


Azurae Windwalker,  her students & fellow shamanic practitioners will be on hand to guide you through the processes.  Wear comfortable layers and walking shoes.          Please stay for Sunday’s Fall Harvest Ceremony for Native style drumming, singing, dancing, healing,  prayers, spiritual giveaways & potluck! 2 pm – 6 pm.

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