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Healing Ways from the Ancients for today!

Azurae's Spirit doctor healing team, the Spirit in Nature and the White Light Brotherhood often assist in amazing healings during workshops. They connect journeyers with the highest possible Guides, Spirit Doctors and Totems to match their soul's blueprint frequency. Azurae was taught in the XAT Native American Medicine Society to access wisdom directly from the Spirit of Nature, the Enlightened Ancestors, Spirit Doctors who offer healing from other dimensions, the masters of the White Light Brotherhood and DNA memory. She carries this legacy of opening wisdom and healing channels to her students who are continuing to build on to the curriculum of Practical Shamanism.

Fall Harvest Ceremony and Earthkeeper Water Protector Ceremonies 2022

Earth Keeper Homecoming

 Sun. Oct. 9   

2 pm – 6 pm at the Amethyst Center, Thaxton VA

Earthkeeper Ceremonies are so very important to keep the sacred relationship with Mother Earth. None is more important than being thankful for the harvest of your garden of life. Our Native American style ceremonies led by Azurae Windwalker and Friends of the Amethyst Center are fun, educational and deeply healing for ALL! Together we work with the Spirit in Nature, Our Enlightened Ancestors, White Light Masters and Angels for the highest good for all our relations. That’s why people love them so much! This us our 20th one!!!!! You’ll have the opportunity to give thanks for all your blessings and commune with the potent Spirit of the Amethyst Center Nature Spirit Sanctuary.  Gratitude ensures continued abundance.

Fall Harvest Ceremony 2021

What You experience at the Fall Harvest Ceremony

  • At the Fall Harvest Ceremony we pray hard and play hard!!!!!!  Experience the Dance of the Harvest where we dance in the literal and figurative abundance of our 2022 crops
  •  Dance  the Harvest Corn Dance with a traditional Cherokee song.
  • Take part in a  Spiritual Giveaway Ceremony.  Bring an important  spiritually significant gift that no longer serves you that you wish to give away and then you’ll receive a wonderful unexpected new gift from someone else. It is an honored ceremony to continue the Divine Flow of Abundance.
  • Dance, drum, sing traditional Cherokee, Saponi and Delaware songs and modern Native American spiritual songs. 
  • Enjoy the  Cherokee Sunray Dance of the  Directions similar to Tai Chi as taught by the Sunray Medicine Society led by elder Diane Elliot.
  • Hear traditional Native stories and special music from the Red Feather Medicine Singers.  
  • Drum, sing, dance, network and have fun with like minded folks from near and far!

WHAT TO BRING: Dress Warmly. Bring chairs. Bring Pot luck dishes, drums, rattles, flutes etc. Bring ceremonial objects for our group altar. Bring some of your harvest veggies, herbs, flowers or art to dance in the ceremonial circle and honor. Graditude creates more GOOD THINGS! Find out more about what we do,  and our Earth keeping mission at www.theamethystcenter.com. 
 A love offering is taken & art silent auction is provided for the Amethyst Center’s ceremonial costs and Earth keeping work.

Earthkeeper Water Protector Ceremonies Practices for Healing Water, Earth and Air 

Sat.  July 16, Sun. Aug. 7, Sat. Sept. 17,  1:30pm - 5 pm

Radiation  released by the recent earthquakes  and  tsunamis  threaten to kill  all wildlife in the Pacific and  our food sources. Pollution is rampant everywhere. Windstorms and floods continue to grow. Mother Earth reacts as a conscious being to our prayers, songs, intent and thoughts!!!! Let us help as gifted healers, prayer makers, alchemists and/or  shamanic practitioners to reduce and remedy this situation. This Earthkeeper Achemy has been a mission of the Amethyst Center for 20 years!

We are part of a worldwide community of drumming ceremonialists , the Water Protectors,  who join together for healing Mother Earth. Within  two weeks 35,000 people gathered globally for this cause recently.

Often we have sound therapists  join us with singing bowls, gongs, rainsticks. We sing a song related to our Earthkeeping Mission and freeform sound therapy.  Our missions may include sovereignty,  freedom, compassion, healing, peace, and unity. Most ceremonies are in our sacred ceremonial circle. But if it rains we meet in the Barn Healing Sanctuary. A potluck follows.

 The Chief Angels of Healing, the White Light Masters, The Eco-dragons, the Beneficial Star Nations, the Forest People and the Spirit in Nature work with us to divert and lessen  ecological  disasters and return Mother Earth to a higher and healthier form moving up to 5D reality. 

Sometimes ....On the Serpent Mound Effigy rug we set our intent for personal and planetary healing. We lock into the 90 point Worldwide Amethyst Biogrid for the transmutation of personal and planetary toxins and for ascending higher conscious spiritual evolution of all our relations. We journey to our Heart Soul Center and become one with the Divine.  We call in the Ecodragons to alchemically transmute Earth's toxins! Then we reprogram the matrix to Love, Divine Consciousness and put on our Rainbow Bodies of ascension!!! Join us in one of our very special eco-shamanism ceremony. Prayer changes things!   

The Amethyst Center

4443 Quarterwood Rd. Thaxton VA 24174

RSVP text 540-947-2423 or azuraewindwalker@gmail.com

2022 Tree Spirit Medicine

 Tree Spirit Medicine

with Azurae Windwalker
at the Amethyst Center

DO YOU LOVE TREES AND HOW THEY FEEL?  The elder ancient trees carry the deepest wisdom and healing for you. And they very much want to share their medicine. At the Amethyst Center we have wide variety of old growth trees on 31 forested acres. Some are over 250 years old!  Our standing ones are happy to share healing and wisdom with you in profound ways. Come and make friends with them! I am leading a 2 part TREE SPIRIT MEDICINE series which allows you to de-stress, ground, power up and learn from the consciousness of a variety of tree species and comune energetically with the standing ones.

What we Experience at the Workshops
 *  Did you know that each tree species has it's own particular healing quality to share? Visit 4 of them in each workshop that best fits your needs and choose a Tree Totem!

 *  You'll learn and master how to Tree Breathe and share co-creative energy thru each of your chakras with the trees.
 Experience a shamanic initiation, wisdom download and healing dispensation from the twin Sacred Cedar Tree Medicine men.

Make a prayer stick out of your Tree Totem to focus and retain the healing from the workshops and your Tree Spirit Wisdom Download.

Master Practical Shamanism Self Care techniques like the Sun Triangle Power Up, Earth Sun Circular Breathwork and Sacred Space Clearing.

Build a Golden Egg Protective Shield and learn how to manipulate your energy field aura to be one with trees and other beings.

Take these Techniques Home and Continue your Journey with Tree Spirit Medicine

Use your wisdom tree downloads, the techniques you learn, and the higher consciousness you attain and use them in your own life adventures. Tree Spirit Medicine is profound, practical and deeply healing!.  Over the last 30 years as a practitioner of Nature Spirit Energy Medicine,  I have been gifted with some pretty amazing Tree Spirit Medicine healing ways!  Tree Spirit Medicine once was a rare subject.  Now it's a common theme... which gives me much hope. NOW  it's time to share this wisdom so that it is carried about to those who need it.  Be sure to mark Sept. 7 and Oct. 5 on your calendar. Find out more at www.theAmethystCenter.com

MAKE YOUR ESCAPE TO THE COMFORT AND HEALING OF THE TREES!!!! Make friends with the Spirit in Nature and Tree Spirits.  Herbal healing and the natural medicines of Native American Indians were direct gifts from Mother Earth, from the “the Little People,” from our Earth’s crystal consciouness matrix and from Ancient Tree Elders! It is our birthright!
We can access this same healing medicine NOW at the Amethyst Center near Roanoke VA. 

About Azurae Windwalker

Azurae Windwalker  is an award winning shamanic journey leader and nationally known 30 year teacher of shamanic healing arts. She has developed a unique co-creative relationship with the Ancient Tree Spirits, the three Little People Medicine Men of the Amethyst Center, the Amethyst Center resident Earth Angel, The White Light Ascended Masters, the Bear Medicine Spirit, the Forest Elementals, the Fairy Folk, the Healing Sasquatch Elders Council and other Nature Spirit Beings at the 31 acre Amethyst Center Nature Spirit Healing Sanctuary. 

These magnificent beings have agreed to work with a limited number of students to help them ascend to much higher levels of health, well- being, oneness consciousness and self-mastery. 

FOR YOUR ENLIGHTENMENT and Nature Spirit Study: At the Amethyst Center you’ll find a medicine wheel herb garden, an Angel Meditation Garden. a sacred Water Deva Spring,  a stone people healing site, a Bear Spirit Medicine Grotto and several medicine wheels and portals.

The incoming energies of solar flares, computers, cell phones, Earth changes and the fear factory media conspire to short circuit our natural healing abilities and our health.  We can push out and clear our heavy fearful trauma energies easily with the guidance and support we find in Nature Spirit Energy Medicine.  The Amethyst Center is the perfect place to do this and to learn many useful techniques that were direct gifts from Nature Spirit to Azurae to be used right now to Shift up into body/mind/spirit health and soul ascension and to help Mother Earth.  It’s truly a life changing experience! Azurae has hundreds of satisfied students who agree:   

The benefits of participating in the Tree Spirit & Nature Spirit Energy Medicine Series

  •   Aids an easier ascension process into the 5th World of Self Mastery, Harmony, Unity and Cooperation.    
  •   Clears and raises the vibration of you and your property to a healthy frequency.    You receive teachings and direct healings from the fairy folk, the Little People, the devas, the tree,  herb and stone people, the elements and White Light Masters. 
  •    Communicate and forge working relations with the elementals for further independent study and healings.
  •    Increase your intuitive awareness. 
  •  Hone skills for shamanic journey problem solving,  aura strengthening, Nature Spirit Energy Medicine, clearing trauma, and balancing Divine Male/Female energies with Nature!        
  •   Learn how to build a sanctuary for Nature Spirits at home and practice Earth keeping skills 


Sun. June 12 - Plant and Herb Spirit Medicine - MANY HERB MEDICINES CAN YOU IDENTIFY? We have 60+ medicinal herbs growing at the Amethyst Center!  Join me for an Herb Medicine Walk and Plant Spirit Medicine Workshop Sun. June 12 at 11 am.  We will learn to tune into the essence of herb medicine plants and gain healing directly from them by spiritual connection!!! Find an Herb Totem and shamanic journey to find healing and information from it. It's fun, it's useful, it's energizing and healing!!! We might even experience some fairy fun!!!

Sat. Aug. 27 - Fairy Playshop - Have fun with the Faries and Little People. Have an  introduction to the Sasquatch Elders Healing Council. Healing Dispensations from the Spirit in Nature. Shamanic Journeying,  Rules of the Road, Inititations and hike to their favorite power spots to form your own connections with our 5Th dimensional Forest Friends!

Sat. Sept. 10 Tree Spirit Medicine - Find three tree totems and journey with them. Learn a chakra breathing technique to exchange information, healing and wisdom with your tree totems.  Learn the healing qualities of your tree totems. Receive a special healing dispensation from our Cedar Tree Medicine Men Spirits. Shamanic  Journey with your favorite tree to meet its spirit and go to the above world or directkt to the Spirit of Mother Earth. Clear your energy, Vibe UP! Learn core Practical Shamanism Techniques for Earth Sun Breathing, and Property Protection.

Sat. Oct 8 - Advanced Plant,  Herb Spirit and Tree Spirit  Medcine - Choose Plant Totems with Muscle Testing from 60 samples, Medicine Bundle Making, Dancing, Breathwork and Drumming your Plant and Herb Totems into your body  mind and  soul! Shamanic Journey with your Herb,  Tree and Plant Totem.



Sat.Aug 13 & Sat. Oct. 8

ACCESS HEALING FREQUENCIES DIRECTLY FROM HERBS, TREES AND PLANTS WITHOUT HARMING THEM? This is Plant Spirit Medicine!!! And it works for you and for Mother Earth!

HOW MANY HERB MEDICINES CAN YOU IDENTIFY? We have 60+ medicinal herbs growing at the Amethyst Center!  Join me for an Herb Medicine Walk and Plant Spirit Medicine Workshop Sat. Aug. 13 at 3 pm and Sat. Oct. 8.   We will learn to tune into the essence of herb medicine plants and gain healing directly from them by spiritual connection!!! Find an Herb Totem and shamanic journey to find healing and information from it. It's fun, it's useful, it's energizing and healing!!! We might even experience some fairy fun!!!

We will identify by muscle testing our herb medicine totems so that students can dive deeper into their uses and healing for themselves and others. 


*  Muscle testing to find the most potent herbs for your body mind spirit well being and find your herb totem.

*  Identification of 20 plus medicinal herbs.  You will receive photos with text about their uses.

*  Practice Earth Sun Breathwork to power up, balance and connect with Universal Lifeforce.

*  Connect with Reciprocal Breathwork to form co creative partnerships with herbs to exchange lifeforce energy, information and healing.

* Show your gratitude with a Plant Spirit Medicine Thanksgiving Song and sing to your plant totems to cement relations with them.

*  Learn how to connect hand drumming with herbs for sonic herbal healing.

*  Making a plant totem altar with your plant totems for a medicine bundle

* Initiation to being a Plant Totem Medicine Bundle Carrier

*  Enjoy the high vibe uplifting frequency of the Amethyst Center Nature Healing Sanctuary where the Spirit in Nature and People coexist harmoniously. 

* And play with the fairies!

DATE: Sat. Aug. 13 & Sat. Oct 8   3 pm to  7pm

WHERE: The Amethyst Center, 4443 Quarterwood Rd., Thaxton VA 24174

(All will be done outside) 20 min. from Roanoke.  40 min from Lynchburg.  3.5 miles off Hwy 460/220.

INVESTMENT: $77 for the two workshops. (limit 10 attendees)

WHAT TO BRING: Bring a journal and pen. Wear socks and hiking clothes. (Easy hike). And bug spray. Bring a bag lunch.

Bring a camera or phone to take ID pics of plants. Bring clear plastic bag for plant specimens.  Bring water and snacks. Bring a shiny, crystal or candy gift for the fairies!

PAYMENT:  Paypal $77 to azuraewwlkr@earthlink.net


LINDA KIRBY, The Amethyst Center, 4443 Quarterwood Rd., Thaxton VA 24174


During the 7 years I apprenticed with Wanda Joy in the XAT Native American Medicine Society I also assisted Herb Doctor,  Walt Medicine Bear in ceremony and in some private healings. Walt's Cherokee Heritage Herb Co. made tonics which he sold worldwide. Although I took many classes and herb walks with him,  I learned the most hanging out and listening in to his consultations with clients. 

Walt Medicine Bear and I once shared a client who had cut his foot off in a carwreck and had it sewn back on!!! Doctors didn't really give the guy much chance of recovering his ability to walk. The Spirit Docs and I did shamanic healing several times for the guy clearing and reconnecting the traumatized energy of the foot and his leg and reconnecting the neural pathway. Then in a dream a Spirit Medicine Woman, who I believe was a Plant Spirit Medicine Woman, told the client to take his shoes off and walk barefooted every day! That orgone Earth energy really did him good!!  Thankfully he showed a lot of progress. And he was strong in his prayers for healing. By that time I was really hooked on how Plant Spirit Medicine works.

Walt very effectively cleared the massive infection on the sewn back foot with oral goldenseal  medicine and poultices of goldenseal.  He healed the wound with comfrey salve! Amazingly the man healed and walked again! I learned that healing must happen in each quadrant of the medicine wheel.... Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Mental...   to be effective. And this was certainly how this case was cured. 

After that I took many classes with top herbal teachers and hung out with herb medicine people whenever I could to learn their methods. I focused on self study and experimentation on myself. Which I still do. But mostly,  I talk to plants

I became friends with Walt Medicine Bears apprentice who was a nurse and we began teaching herb doctoring classes in Nashville after his transition. My specialty has always been the shamanic side of plant and herb spirit medicine with others doing the medical portion. I adore communicating with herbs and accessing their healing through spiritual contact.

In my 40 years of teaching Practical Shamanism and Nature Spirit Energy Medicine. I have taught Herb Doctoring at the Carilion Jefferson College of Health and at many Body Mind Spirit Expos. I have taught Plant Spirit Medicine at the Friends of Great Serpent Mound Summer Solstice Festival in OH, at the Friends of the Living Desert Museum in NM along side of Apache Medicine People and at the Amethyst  Center. I've also taught at Unity Churches and at various healing centers in the South, Midwest and East. I believe that we must remain sovereign in our health. Self care with herbs may be our best bet to survive and thrive!

Drum Making and Sound Therapy July 2 and Oct. 1

Drum Making and Sound Therapy 

Sat. July 2 and Oct. 1

Make your own drum, awaken it as a healing tool, and learn rhythms and healing techniques for healing yourself and Mother Earth. 

Experience the satisfaction of crafting your own instrument from a Shamanic teacher with 25 years experience in drum making and sound therapy drumming. Hundreds now enjoy Tree of Life Drums. Our drums are very resonating and stay tuned much longer than others in humid weather. Women can make these drums easily as the design requires more craftsmanship than strength. In the Sound Therapy Drumming workshop you will learn advanced drumming healing techniques and learn how to use a variety of drum beats in your practice. You will experience a powerful combination of drumming with chanting, energy medicine, sacred geometry, shamanic journey and meditation. Awaken your drum as an instrument of healing in sacred ceremony!

Azurae is a member of the American Women’s Indigenous Drum Society and the Red Feather Medicine Singers. Her drum has traveled to many American Indian Ceremonies and has been infused with their power and healing.  A very special part of the workshop is to have your drum initiated by Azuraes's Drum in the Angel Meditation Garden in the sacred spiral. Thus your drum carries a legacy of drumming and ceremony from many times, dimensions and places. 

It’s a sound time to be initiated into the Amethyst Center Earthkeeper Drumming Nation and join in Ceremonies for Water Protection! You'll experience the power and good medicine of your drum in your own meditations, shamanic journeys, singing and celebrations!

Times: Drum Making - 11 am – 6 pm. 

DEPOSIT DUE: Make a down payment of $100 two weeks before the workshop to buy materials. June 20 or Sept. 17.   Total payment of $250 includes materials, instruction, workbook and sound therapy workshop. $150 IS DUE AT  WORKSHOP

BRING: Bring a bag lunch and munchies  to share and sharp scissors. Bring feathers to decorate your drum if you choose. 

WORKSHOP July 2 and Oct 1

Send your $100 Materials Deposit by check or paypal.  Due dates are by June 20 or Sept. 17 .

The rest of the $250 total is due on workshop day.  

Send a check to:
 Linda Kirby
The Amethyst Center.
#4443 Quarterwood Rd.
Thaxton, VA 24174 

or PAY pay pal at azuraewwlkr@earthlink.net 

 email azuraewindwalker@gmail.com to reserve your space and register

Practical Shamanism Empaths Self Care June 26 - Trauma Clearing, Soul Retrieval, Solar Plexus Healing, Clearing, Shielding

Practical Shamanism Self Care  for Empaths - Clearing Trauma, Solar Plexus Healing. Shielding, Soul Retrieval and Chord Cutting  June 26 

As a sensitive empathic person you feel deeply the energetic environment. with the techniques available in Practical Shamanism for Empaths you can clear the overload of toxic energy you feel, clear it out, cut non beneficial chords to people, places and events which trigger symptoms and shield yourself alchemically. The result is a healthier you! The influx of ultra high frequency energy coming into Mother Earth and our bodies from Solar Storm events and Galactic Downloads is dislodging trauma held within the Earth and within yourself. This causes a variety of physical symptoms.  Allopathic medicine cannot address these properly.  In my model of Medicine Wheel Healing I address Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and  Mental underlying causes of ill health and imbalance. TAKE TIME FOR YOUR OWN HEALING IN YOUR SOUL, EMOTIONAL BODY AND IN PHYSICAL DIMENSIONS NOW!!!

Empaths Solar Plexus Clearing & Healing

Sunday, June 26

Empaths work from the solar plexus to feel information intuitively.  They often download lots of toxic energies in the course of reading their incoming messages from people, events and the world. Certainly in this challenging time we must put our empathic skills to good use. AND NOW is the perfect time to clear all that nasty heavy non beneficial stuck energy in the solar plexus!!!!  In this workshop we will clear the solar plexus and you will learn how to use this technique at any time you need to clear your overworked toxic solar plexus. 

THE BENEFIT? A clear solar plexus gives you clarity and the messages you receive will be more on target. Clearing the solar plexus also reduces anxiety, clears stress,  reduces allergies and brings emotional balance.  You will learn to discern what are your true feelings instead of locking into those of other people. We will also learn to cut non-beneficial chords to people, places and events that seek to manipulate us and drain our lifeforce energies!!!! The workshop also includes material from May 1's workshop so that we can continue the healing cycle and also master through repetition the Practical Shamanic techniques we use to fill our Shaman's Toolbox!

THE COURSE - In this 6 part series YOU discover and experience: 

The objective in this 6 part series is to clear the heavy energy and trauma that lowers your frequency, creates ascension symptoms and hinders your progress into 5D ascension. To this end we repeat the core techniques of Practical Shamanism of Powering up, Earth Sun Circular Breathing, Golden Egg Shielding and Intuition building Shamanic Journey in each workshop so you can begin any time. Then we practice trauma clearing through neurolinguistic programming and angelic shamanic intervention so you can uplift your well being and move forward your consciousness potential. We open up the closed root chakra where much trauma is stored to increase your lifeforce flow. We retrieve lost soul parts so that you are healthier and more whole. And finally we retrieve a joy guide to help in returning to a state of happiness.

ROOT CHAKRA CLEARING - One of the most pressing needs by clients is clearing of the Root Chakra. The Root is our grounding, holder of traumas, shelter and survival instincts, sexual and abandonment issues and feeds the solar plexus and sacral with Earth Lifeforce Energy.  A  blocked Root Chakra is very impactful for total health and the ability to climb the ascension ladder. And right now, this condition is pervasive! In the last two months only two people out of 25 clients were free of Root Chakra issues. I believe  this is due to the high frequencies pushing out of our own traumas, the fear of death of war and covid issues and the trauma held in the Earth that we are accessing through our roots! ITS TIME TO GET CLEAR AND POWER UP! So we will check all participants for this and clear the root chakra.

RECOVERY OF SOUL LOSS - Although soul loss is a survival mechanism, the problem, from a shamanic point of view, is that the soul part that left usually does not come back on its own. The soul might be lost, or stolen by another person, or doesn’t know the trauma has passed and it is safe to return.  It has always been the role of the shaman to go into an altered state of consciousness and track down where the soul fled to in the alternate realities and return it to the body of the client.

There are many common symptoms of soul loss. One of the more common ones is dissociation, in which a person does not feel fully in their body, alive, and engaged with life. Other symptoms include chronic depression, suicidal tendencies, post-traumatic stress syndrome, immune deficiency problems, and grief that just does not heal. Addictions are also a sign of soul loss, as we seek external sources to fill up the empty spaces inside of us, whether through substances, food, relationships, work, or buying material objects. Retrieving lost soul parts is perhaps the most important, healing and helpful shamanic technique you can experience!

Nonbeneficial Chord Cutting

All of us have energetic chords connected to people, places, things and situations. Some are beneficial. Many are not. Nonbeneficial chords drain our lifeforce and may manipulate our consciousness. Thus clearing these chords leave the clients feeling free, more in charge of their life situations and much lighte


We start out the trauma clearing session with the White Light Master Attunement for Embracing your Divine Perfect Blueprint. We remove trauma stored in your body with the help of Healing Angels and   Neurolinguistic Programming and replace trauma with healthy  lifeforce. It is very gentle and works at a soul and energetic level. This method releases trauma without retraumatizing my students and clients. We can also retrieve lost soul parts caused by trauma.  We mend psychic wounds.   And finally we retrieve a Joy Guide that helps you play, laugh and return to well being!  JOIN US!

The Other Dates in this Series Are Sun. July 24, Aug. 28, Sept. 18, Oct. 23, Nov. 20, Dec. 11

Investment: $88 each workshop

 DATE AND TIME: June 26  1 pm to 5:30 pm

Paypal payment to: azuraewwlkr@earthlink.net                                Send a check to:

 Linda Kirby
The Amethyst Center.
#4443 Quarterwood Rd.
Thaxton, VA 24174 

Location: The Amethyst Center, 4443 Quarterwood Rd., Thaxton, VA

Call and text: 540-947-2423

EMAIL: azuraewindwalker@gmail.com