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Healing Ways from the Ancients for today!

Azurae's Spirit doctor healing team, the Spirit in Nature and the White Light Brotherhood often assist in amazing healings during workshops. They connect journeyers with the highest possible Guides, Spirit Doctors and Totems to match their soul's blueprint frequency. Azurae was taught in the XAT Native American Medicine Society to access wisdom directly from the Spirit of Nature, the Enlightened Ancestors, Spirit Doctors who offer healing from other dimensions, the masters of the White Light Brotherhood and DNA memory. She carries this legacy of opening wisdom and healing channels to her students who are continuing to build on to the curriculum of Practical Shamanism.

Nature Spirit Energy Medicine - Clearing Heavy Energy & Attuning to Nature Spirit

Sat. March 16 in Black Mtn. NC
Sat. March 30 near Roanoke VA
Sunday April 7 in Raleigh
The Shift   has caused many of us to experience severe symptoms which include, headaches, body aches, anxiety, insomnia, ear ringing, fatigue and more as we up shift our personal and planetary  frequencies    All we need to heal and gently grow into higher beings of Light  can be            accessed through the Spirit in Nature who has gifted Azurae and her  students with an amazingly effective energy  medicine system. Nature Spirit Energy Medicine can clear the heavy energy which holds disease and the physical and emotional Shift challenges. It clears the six           Energetic     Epidemics plaguing humanity found by master dowser,   Raymon Grace, in his world travels as well.

 Nature Spirit Energy Medicine aids your ascension process into the 5 th world and it protects you and your property during Earth changes and  solar flare incidents. It teaches you how to build a sacred refuge for      Nature Spirits at home so can co-create a healthier future.  As you are  attuned to Nature Spirit  you will receive teachings and direct healings from  the fairy folk, the Little People, the devas, the tree, herb and stone people,  the elements and White Light Masters. You find peace of mind!

 Begin NOW on a life changing path as an Earthkeeper, Shamanic Journeyer and Nature Spirit Energy Medicine Practitioner. This workshop is the first of a five part series which will culminate in direct         experience and initiation into the Nature Spirit Energy Medicine practice.  You benefit with greater health, well being and less stress. Nature is the ultimate healer! By sharing your gifts as an Earthkeeper and working together with the Spirit in Nature  we can help Nature heal Mother Earth and humanity!
 (This is the first of a five part seasonal workshop series.)

Clearing Heavy Energy & Attuning to
Nature Spirit

Clearing of the Six Energetic Epidemics – Clearing though shamanic dowsing of the current Shift related energetic epidemic plagues of all humankind. If you or friends are acting abnormally these are probably the causes.  The six energetic epidemics are - Nature Spirits Strength on Property, Land and Body, Imbalance of blood flow to the brain and right and left brain balance, Soul in this dimension and grounded in this time, How strong is the body or body part’s desire to live,  Polarity,  Out of balance with     Universal Energy, and  Balance with home, yourself, family, land and Source of all Love and Light.

Basic Techniques of Practical Shamanism - Learn to power up, employ shamanic breath work, and use very advanced personal and property psychic shielding with techniques that have been directly downloaded from the Little People. Meet the local Nature Spirits for healing and answers. Review basic rules for working with Nature Spirits.

Awakening the soul to its perfect blueprint – White Light Earthchange Attunement The perfected state of your soul blueprint magnetizes ALL healing. Let the high spiritual masters of the White Light Brotherhood help you realize and remember true wholeness.

Releasing of heavy trauma energies - Past life regression journey, core trauma release, soul retrieval, chord cutting, clearing of spirit attachments – The high Shift energies are pushing trauma to the surface to be cleared. Divorces, sexual relations, rape, abuse, accidents, injury from this or from other lives are some of the trauma causes. This trauma hinders your soul’s evolution, your health, peace and prosperity. Trauma causes soul loss, self-destructive behaviors and self-medication to numb the pain in drugs, alcohol and other addictions. And it causes a weakened aura which may attract non-beneficial entities that attach to your holey aura, drain your energy and manipulate your behavior. These entities are cleared and the holes are healed. We gently release your original core trauma in shamanic journey. Then you a have a fresh beginning and literally lighten up!!!! You break non-beneficial patterns. We retrieve your lost soul parts so you to be more of your real self. Non-beneficial chords to people and events are cleared. Then your stronger soul can magnetize your soul’s destiny, energy, health, prosperity and over all well being.

Nature Spirit Altars and the Nature Spirit Attunement Nature Spirits love altars, songs and dance. By showing your respect and gifting the Little People and fairy folk with music, crystals, candy, shiny things and love you may insure much better work and play relations with them. A special attunement is offered to insure better relations with Nature friends.
Workshop Locations and Instructions:
Black Mtn./Asheville area: Time 10 am 6 pm,  Sat. March 16 at the Light Center Lodge,   Investment per workshop $150. Send $50 to reserve your space by March 7. United Research Light Center Lodge & Grounds, Hwy. 9, PO. Box 1146,  Black Mtn. NC 28711.    Bring a bag lunch. Wear walking shoes.
 Contact:  Mary Fredean & Jay Goure cell: 828-896-5252 or lodge at 828-669-0474 for directions, info and lodging. Email: lodge@urlight.org or www.urlight.org (Nature Spirit hike and private healing appointments follow on Sunday)
Roanoke VA area: Time 10 am - 6 pm, Sat. March 30 at the Amethyst Center, 4443 Quarterwood Rd., Thaxton VA.  Investment per workshop $125. Send $50 to reserve your space by March 20. Bring a bag lunch. Wear walking shoes. (Nature Spirit Hike and private healing appointments on Sunday)
Raleigh Area: Time:10 am 6 pm Sunday April 7 at Sherry Noah’s home. 8209 Coosa Ct., Raleigh.  Investment per workshop $150. Send $50 to reserve your space by April 1. Bring a bag lunch. Wear walking shoes. Private healing appointments on Friday night and Sat. in another location.

See the website for future dates You may attend at any location and experience a variety of Nature Spirits. You can stay overnight at the Light Center Lodge at the Black Mtn location.  Wear walking shoes, bring a journey blanket, crystals, shiny objects and candy for nature spirit altar building. 
To register go to http://www.theamethystcenter.com/windwalker/forms/formwebsite_003.htm         540-947-2423.   Azurae Windwalker, 4443 Quarterwood Rd, Thaxton, VA 24174
 Curriculum of the following four workshops of the Seasonal Series

Workshop # 2 - Group Core Trauma Release Attunement 2 – Earth’s shift to higher frequencies is pushing life trauma to the surface for release. When this heavy energy is not cleared then illness, anxieties or accidents result. This trauma and the resulting soul loss also hinder your peace, prosperity and soul evolution. Causes for core trauma and soul loss may be sexual relations, rape, abuse, accidents, or injury. Soul’s choose to repeat certain core trauma patterns through many lifetimes to learn and evolve. By releasing your original core trauma from a past life or through your ancestral lines  you make a fresh beginning. The pattern is broken and you can learn your soul lesson from it. Then you can easily break non-beneficial patterns.   Retrieving lost soul parts helps you to be more of yourself.  Then you may more effectively magnetize your soul’s destiny, health and over all well-being.  You are happier and more like your real self. After releasing your heavy energy you are able to work with the Nature Spirits much more effectively too.
Shamanic journey basics - Journey to solve problems -  Totems,  nature guides and enlightened        ancestors  share their gifts with you to solve complex problems and offer assistance and advice in a guided journey aided by the heartbeat of the drum, Earth Sun Breath work, our protective Blue Sophia Energy Shield and shamanic intent. Learn how to journey to the seat of the soul in the heart and connect this to the mind. This is a key to ascention.
 Basic Techniques of Practical Shamanism  - Learn to power up, employ shamanic breath work, and use personal psychic self protection with techniques that have been directly downloaded from the Little People.  Meet the Amethyst Center Earth Angel for healing and answers or other regional Devas.  Review basic rules for working with Nature Spirits.                                                          
 Return to Wholeness Earthchange Attunement  1The original blueprint of your soul in the perfected state is reawakened in a dance of 13 counter and clockwise circles aided by the Brotherhood of White Light.
 White Light Earthchange Attunement  3 – Freedom from Fear/Protection – An elegant journey to the above world to retrieve a powerful warrior protector thus you are much more safe, secure and free of fear during Earthchange chaos.  Then you may walk in balance as a warrior with your Nature Spirit helpers.
 Nature Spirit Altars and the Nature Spirit AttunementNature Spirits love altars, songs and dance. By showing your respect and gifting the Little People and fairy folk with music, crystals, candy, shiny things and love you may insure much better work and play relations with them.  After building the altar a special attunement is offered to insure better relations with our higher dimensional Nature friends. We also learn a calling in song for our Nature friends.                                             
Workshop #3 Medical Assistance Program with the Spirit of Nature, Healing Angels and the White Light Brotherhood. - Learn how to call on these beings for self healing and healing for others. Popularized by Machelle Small Wright of            Perelandra, this technique is an invaluable part of your medicine bundle and gives you quick access to the healing you need.
Herbal Medicine Wheel - Meet the plant spirits of the Amethyst Center Medicine Wheel Herb garden. Learn how to telepathically communicate with them and use them with energy medicine for healing.
Medicine of the TreesExperience the healing qualities of three ancient grandfather trees. The catalpa, the cedar, the pine, the poplar and the walnut will be your guides.   Learn to merge with tree spirits to gain wisdom, healing to receive messages and send messages on the wind. Nature Speaks by Ted Andrews is our resource book. Shamanic journeys and songs to tree spirits.
Workshop # 4 Stone People and Crystal Grids  - Learn how to self-muscle test. Find the stone people who are the most healing for you. Receive a chart with the healing qualities of stones.  Learn how to build a crystal grid for protection, how to cleanse and program crystals. Take a shamanic journey to meet and receive wisdom and healing from your crystal ally.
Medicine Wheel  Crystal Helpers– Find the crystal helpers for your personal medicine wheel directions of           emotional, mental, spiritual and physical healing and learn of their healing properties. Build a medicine wheel. Integrate your crystal helpers into your personal health medicine wheel in a beautiful Nature Spirit healing ceremony. 
Medicine Wheel BuildingMedicine wheels amplify the energy of power spots and provide more Nature Spirit Energy for personal and planetary healing. We will build a medicine wheel for your use and for the Little People and fairy folks of the area.
Meeting the Little PeopleWalk into the sacred ground of the  “Little People.” These elusive knee high 5th dimensional beings have brought many of the energy medicine techniques and herbal medicines to Native peoples. Journey to meet a little people friend for you own healing. To attend the workshop you must have the   Nature Spirit Attunement and have attended most of the classes. We respect their space and they don’t like strangers.
Workshop #5 — Meeting the Little People and Devas #2– Download healing and helpful information directly from the higher Devic Realms and from the Little People. Journey into the sacred spring, communicate to them and receive answers.  Strengthen your Little People  telepathic communication skills.  Feel them work with you. An amazing experience for all!
Angel Talk Earthchange Attunement 6 – Download healing and helpful information directly from the higher Angelic Realms. Communicate with them and receive answers.  Strengthen your Angel protection.  Feel them work with you. Grow your wings! Experience an journey to the above world for divine guidance, wisdom and soul purposes.
Gateway Healing Spiritual Circle -  A quantum healing way inspired by No Eyes, the teacher of Earthways author Mary   Summer Rain. Using  stones, herbs, aroma, sound, drumming, candles, shamanic art, tree  and animal medicine, candles, helped by the angels, Nature & White Light Brotherhood we create a powerful ceremony for personal & planetary healing.
Testimonials: After the healing on Sat. to my heart by you, your gateway turtle picture, and the workshop group, my first time recent very high blood pressure returned to normal and even below normal!  I relaxed the next day.  The very clear message I got when we connected with our healing White Brotherhood spirit doctors was, “We are endless in healing for all of you, the Earth and the Universe.”” Rev. Tina Stonestreet, Artist and Interfaith Minister, Manassas 3rd year student
  “Azurae’s teachings are wonderful.  Open to all people , she is  quick to impart her knowledge, experience and wisdom.  My heart is filled with the Spirit she shares, along  with tools for my daily life. Thank you Azurae for all you do.” Steve Rogat,  Licensed Professional Counselor, Author, Shamanic Practitioner, and Healer, Raleigh
Nature Friendly Workshop Locations:  The Amethyst Center, 4443 Quarterwood Rd. Thaxton, VA 24174, Raleigh at the home of Steve and Nancy Long and Sherry Noah, Northern VA at the Manassas home of Karen Paris and Shaman Manin, Asheville at the Light Center Lodge.
To register go to www.theAmethystCenter.com or azuraewwlkr8@earthlink.net,  Call 540-947-2423
Azurae also provides private shamanic journey, soul retrieval, soul portraits, shamanic energy medicine healings distantly and on site & White Light Brotherhood Earthchange  Attunements the days before and after workshops.


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