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Healing Ways from the Ancients for today!

Azurae's Spirit doctor healing team, the Spirit in Nature and the White Light Brotherhood often assist in amazing healings during workshops. They connect journeyers with the highest possible Guides, Spirit Doctors and Totems to match their soul's blueprint frequency. Azurae was taught in the XAT Native American Medicine Society to access wisdom directly from the Spirit of Nature, the Enlightened Ancestors, Spirit Doctors who offer healing from other dimensions, the masters of the White Light Brotherhood and DNA memory. She carries this legacy of opening wisdom and healing channels to her students who are continuing to build on to the curriculum of Practical Shamanism.

WV Ascension Medicine Wheel of Love and Forgiveness Initiation and Sacred Mayan Chocolate Ceremony Sat. April 16

WV Ascension Medicine Wheel of Love and Forgiveness Initiation and Sacred Mayan Chocolate Ceremony   Sat. April 16 Workshop Sun. April 17 Private Shamanic Healings

 Enjoy new and old favorite practical shamanism techniques that will help you go with the ebb and flow of the intense Shift energy. EVEN MORE White Light high spiritual masters are traveling with me lately to help your body mind soul health! Previous students will find old favorite techniques WITH UPGRADES so they can deepen and OWN and share with others..... AND they can experience new techniques, journeys and experiences in the medicine wheel. New students will begin a life changing path to wholeness and ascension. The core techniques of Powering up, Clearing, Journeying and Protection we do early in the day set the stage for much deeper shamanic work in the medicine wheel.

In this Ascension Medicine Wheel Energy Medicine Workshop you’ll learn many techniques that were direct gifts from Nature Spirit, the Chief Healing Angels and the High Spiritual Masters of the White Light to be used right now to gently Shift up into higher consciousness, fifth dimensional health for body/mind/spirit. To aid this, we'll be having a special Mayan Ceremonial Chocolate which induces a mind heart balance increasing clarityu, love, cooperation, creativity and awareness.

The ascension medicine wheel medicine wheel identifies your strengths to amplify and weaknesses to be corrected as you spiral to self-mastery. Then you'll learn of the best modalities of healing for your unique soul path. The Medicine Wheel is a metaphor for life, your soul’s progress up the ascension spiral, the seasons and the elements. It contains the healing directions of spirit, emotion, body, mental and material and Mother Earth, Father Sky and Spirit Within. It is also a portal to higher dimensional healing masters, angels and nature spirits. In this 9 part series we will be using the Ascension Medicine Wheel to measure, heal and balance your strengths and weaknesses in the spiritual, emotional, physical, mental and material directions of your unique personal medicine wheel helping you to return to your blueprint for perfection, health, inner power and oneness.


Azurae is an award winning shamanic journey leader so you will really enjoy revelations and special healing dispensations of the ascension medicine wheel. You’ll also have direct contact and experiences with the Herbal Allies, Stone Medicine helpers, the Fairy Folk, Spiritual Masters and Little People who work co-creatively with the Amethyst Center and travel with Azurae to build your own co-creative working alliances. The Spiritual master, White Eagle will help you to connect to your own healing team from the White Light Brotherhood for personal healing and for the healing you share with others.

We teach techniques that are effective, easy and necessary!
“I highly recommend attending Azurae's classes for Empaths, as her techniques for clearing, grounding, shielding and working with your spirit body are effective, easy and necessary if you are a Lightworker in any capacity. This gives you the basics you need to start healing yourself so you can effectively help others. I've yet to find anyone else who teaches a set of comprehensive techniques such as these.” Michelle Trull, Northern VA Senior Student

Remember your personal soul blueprint for perfection and own it in the Ascension Medicine Wheel!!!!!! The practical shamanic techniques from Azurae Windwalker, a nationally known and respected 30 year shamanic practitioner, enable you to change your life and shift into higher dimensions of wellness on all levels. They were downloaded to Azurae and her apprentices JUST FOR YOU!!!!!

The benefits include:
Clear the energy of disease and emotional disturbances caused by the higher Shift energies pushing trauma and heavy emotions to the surface. And you find peace of mind!
Aid an easier ascension process into the 5th World of Self Mastery, Harmony, Unity and Cooperation.

Clear and raise your vibration to a healthy frequency and protect yourself from harmful outside energy intrusions with the golden egg shield. This increases well being, clarity, energy and overall health.

Increase your intuitive awareness.
Learn your strengths and weakness and learn how to harness the healing principles of the Ascension Medicine Wheel to correct imbalances, clear non-beneficial energies, evaporate blocks and move on up the ascension spiral of soul mastery.

Hone skills for shamanic journey in problem solving, soul retrieval, aura strengthening, clearing trauma, and balancing Divine Male/Female energies.

Build a safe sanctuary at home with masterful property protection and clearing techniques. Practice group Earth keeping skills to help Mother Earth!

The Ascension Medicine Wheel Attunements, Initiations and Healing You Will Receive Include:

☼ Core Techniques of Practical Shamanism - Learn to power up, employ circular healing shamanic breath work, balance your brain and protect yourself with highly advanced personal and property psychic shielding techniques that have been directly downloaded from the Little People and Nature Spirit. The benefit is increased health, vitality, harmony and balance.

☼ Mayan Ceremonial Chocolate Ceremony - This very high grade Chocolate was used by the Mayan Priesthood to balance heart and mind. This forgotten chocolate has returned to use after a visionary experience of a Guatamalan healer to foster love, forgiveness, heart opening , forgiveness and heart mind balance. It is called the food of the Shift.

☼ The Ascension Medicine Wheel Initiation- Learn the crystals and basic layout of the Ascension Medicine Wheel which aid in your soul growth and healing. Move up the evolutionary ladder when power cleansing and uplifting ascension rays bathe you in powerful Healing Light for your well being.

☼ Ascension Medicine Wheel Workbook - We make things easy for you! You'll receive a workbook that helps you remember what modalities best serve your healing for your directions of strength and weakness. You will use muscle testing or dowsing to determine specific helpers to your self-mastery. And you'll be able to draw up your personal medicine wheel for future shamanic soul work.

☼ Soul Retrieval - Many lost soul parts are knocking at the door of your energy body to be reintegrated. This retrieval results in a much more powerful magnetism for your god given blueprint of perfection and a happier healthier more fulfilling life You will begin to learn in a group process to do soul retrieval for yourself.

☼ Clearing Core Trauma & Extracting Blocks to Ascension with NLP - As part of our soul's evolutionary process we agree to patterns of trauma to grow stronger and gain self mastery. In this journey we time travel to the original trauma which was the beginning of the non-beneficial patterns which now challenge you. These are erased and re-framed to benefit you. Then you talk to your guides to learn the lessons that you soul needs to move forward. Using Neurolinguistic Programming we will also clear energetic blockages that your soul agreed to carry as part of your soul mastery. Using this simple masterfully effective NLP technique we track your energy blocks and trauma sites around your body where they are stored and clear them easily. The benefit is a rise to higher and higher self mastery with fewer trauma and dramas.
☼ Medicine Wheel Journey of the Four Healing Directions – Muscle test to see the relative strong and weak directions in your spiritual, emotional, physical and mental personal medicine wheel. Learn techniques specific to the directions of the medicine wheel that you need for your well being. In shamanic journey communicate with your totem, spiritual master or guide in your direction of power to increase balance, enlightenment, empowerment and self-mastery in your weaker directions. Shamanize to help balance and strengthen. your personal medicine wheel

☼ Shamanizing in the Ascension Medicine Wheel to Forgive those who have harmed you and acess your Loving Heart Center - After we have determined your directions of weakness and strengths it is possible to hasten your healing with a shamanic technique to see your challenges from far above with the eagles eyes. This dance of the Eagle puts your dramas and traumas into perspective and allows it to be flown to the Sun to be melted. Then we push through the energy blocks to your health and soul mastery so the strong energy of your directions of strength can flow into the areas of your weaknesses. A balanced Ascension Medicine Wheel results. Walking is balance is true goal of all personal development.

☼ Sing and Drum Shamanic Songs of Forgiveness, Power, Spiritual Enlightenment, Blessing of Sacred Space and Connection to your Spiritual Helpers and Totems – My magic is my giveaway, my magic is my song. I’ll giveaway my love today. And sing the whole day long!

Register Now. Participation is limited!
2 HR. Core Practical Shamanism Techniques for advanced personal and property shielding, power up, shamanic journey 10 am - 12 - $75 (This is a refresher for previous students so they can OWN them with NEW tweeks that make then EVEN stronger so you can use them and share them. The core techniques also work to ready people for the more advanced work we will do later on the medicine wheel)


Sunday Private Healing Sessions ( 1.5 hrs.) and Soul Retrieval Portraits (One hr.) $125
Register with Charlotte Murphy at 304-542-4792 or Cmurphy896@gmail.com. Location: 401 Washington AVe. Nitro WV

To find out about Soul Retrieval Portraits go to: http://www.theamethystcenter.com/windwalker_004.htm
To find about her Private Shamanic Healing sessions go to: http://www.theamethystcenter.com/windwalker/HealingServices/healingservices_002.htm
Bring: A shamanic journey banket, bag lunch, writing materials, a drum if you have one. Also bring a crystal, herb or other special medicine gift for the group Medicine Wheel altar.

Sat. April 16 workshop at Nitro WV. and April 17 Private healing sessions.

Register for the workshop and sign up for Sundays Private Healing Sessions and Soul Retrieval Portraits with Charlotte Murphy at 304-542-4792 or Cmurphy896@gmail.com.

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