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Azurae's Spirit doctor healing team, the Spirit in Nature and the White Light Brotherhood often assist in amazing healings during workshops. They connect journeyers with the highest possible Guides, Spirit Doctors and Totems to match their soul's blueprint frequency. Azurae was taught in the XAT Native American Medicine Society to access wisdom directly from the Spirit of Nature, the Enlightened Ancestors, Spirit Doctors who offer healing from other dimensions, the masters of the White Light Brotherhood and DNA memory. She carries this legacy of opening wisdom and healing channels to her students who are continuing to build on to the curriculum of Practical Shamanism.

Tree Spirit Medicine Workshop - Profound Healing from the Spirit in Nature

Profound Healing from the Spirit in Nature

Tree Spirit Medicine

with Azurae Windwalker

Sat. Aug.13 at the Amethyst Center

Every flower has its fairy, every tree has its spirit, every woods has its lady of the Woods. The world is filled with spirits and energies that play upon us and dance about us daily. Through Nature we open doors to that often super-sensory world of Spirit” Ted Andrews, author of Animal Speaks and Nature Speak

We are in extreme need of a huge dose of Nature Spirit Energy Medicine to clear the fog and recharge in our media driven lives. Some say that there's nothing better than a walk in the forest and a deep conversation with a grandfather tree. BUT THERE IS Something better!!!!! There are many very effective and heart opening shamanic techniques which help you find profound deep healing with our tree relations. Learn from them, respect them, and experience their sacred spirit and your energy exchange with the Spirit of Nature will be forever altered into a deep transcendent relationship. All cultures are rooted in the Tree of Life! Here at the Amethyst Center we have a very special close work and play connection to the Spirit in Nature. And we have a wide variety of grandfather trees to experience in our 31 acre sacred woods.. At the end of the day you will be refreshed, renewed, energized and illuminated with the ancient knowledge held in the standing ones. You will increase your intuitive powers and your ability to recognize Natures healing secrets.

Earth centered relationships are our birthright. In Sacred Plant Medicine Steven Harrod Buhner says,“There is a dimension of human experience, a way of experiencing the world where plants can talk to human beings and humans can talk to plants. It is a dimension that has been utilized by human beings for most of the history of the planet…….The knowledge human beings found in exploring that dimension of life predates what we call science. In that dimension of human experience people commonly sought close contact with the sacred, to know the desire of the Creator and to bring to the world the spiritual visions given to them by creator. Knowledge gained in this manner worked well. (as scientific study has shown.)”

Science is in fact proving what Ingenious people have always known. We are all living in a symbiotic co-creative world. Our relations with plants and trees hold ancient wisdom and reawaken DNA memories from our ancient ancestors in visions, smells, tastes, and wonderous feelings. Our relationship with our sacred trees gives us many gifts including grounding, healing, wisdom, strength, peace, medicine, shade, the air we breathe and a home for us and our animal friends. Trees provide a shamanic doorway to the lower shamanic journey world of inner wisdom through their roots. And through their branches you can climb to the upper world of high spiritual masters, angels and retrieve akashic records. Tree Spirit Medicine is a REAL CURE for what ails an overstimulated, electronic and media dazed population. So put down your cell phone and come with us to the church of the forest! Join us for an exciting journey into Tree Spirit Medicine at the Amethyst Center, a Sanctuary for Nature Spirit Energy Medicine. 

 Here are some of the experiences we will co-create:

Core Techniques of Practical Shamanism - Learn to power up, employ circular healing shamanic breath work, balance your brain and protect yourself with highly advanced personal and property psychic shielding techniques that have been directly downloaded from the Little People and Nature Spirit.

Chacra Breathing with a Tree of Power Be introduced to a variety of our ancient trees of power. We have Walnut, Cedar, Caltalpa, White Pine, Oak and Poplar near our Amethyst Center Barn Healing Sanctuary. Then we'll intuitively choose one using dowsing or muscle test to energetically connect to in a deeper way. As you extend energy from each of your chacras starting form the root you'll experience a variety of pleasing sensations and may very well see images that the Tree of Power wishes to communicate for your healing or help. Breathing back and forth to the tree you'll feel the Tree of Power embrace you with it's lifeforce, energizing you and grounding you. Finally when you open all your chacras to the tree you'll feel an amazing oneness with Nature and ALL THAT IS!

Meeting the Tree Spirits Sitting in the midst of trees connect to your favorite tree spirit. We'll read and discuss the tree from a scientific and mystical basis to better understand its characteristics. This helps you develop a resonance with it. Then take a shamanic journey to meet the spirit of the tree. The benefits are open communication with tree spirits, heightened intuition and an increased ability to recognize Nature's greetings. Ask for a gift for our Nature Spirit Altar and leave a gift in return.

Build a Nature Spirit AltarIt’s easier to work with Tree Spirit and Nature Spirit if you show your respect in advance. With the guidance of our Trees of Power we'll intuitively find the perfect spot for our group altar. Using tree medicine, crystals, the elements, shiny stuff, candy and fairy items (which you bring to class) we'll build a group altar and awaken it with prayer, tobacco, cornmeal, song and drumming.

Your Tree Medicine Wheel of the Four Healing Directions - Learn how to self-muscle test. Walk the directions of the medicine wheel and feel your power position for the next six months. Then see where are drawn for healing. By muscle testing we see how strong and weak you are in the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental directions. After finding your directions of power you'll then learn your tree of power and your tree of healing.
Tree of Power ExerciseVarious trees have distinctive healing qualities. Find your power tree and your healing tree. These trees hold help and healing for your life challenges. In this exercise we use dowsing, muscle testing and tree spirit telepathic communication. You'll begin to learn elementary shape shifting by merging your energy with your trees of choice. After offering it a gift and you may receive permission to work with it. Merge with the Spirit of the Tree. Attune to its healing qualities. Communicate with it. Give thanks. Draw or journal your findings. Then using Nature Speaks by Ted Andrews, verify your findings about your trees’ medicine and mission.

Sing the Tree of Power Song

Soul Purpose Journey and Ceremony around Your Tree of PowerThe intent of this journey is to begin to balance the true needs of your soul by connecting with the plant world. You can do this ceremony as many times as necessary. Send your energy out and find a tree which holds help and healing for answering the basic questions all souls seek. . You’ll feel an uplifting feeling in your navel which says yes when you find the appropriate tree. Walk around the tree three times and leave a tobacco prayer. Merge with the Spirit of the Tree. Attune to its healing qualities w/ your back to the tree facing South ask, “Who am I?” Move clockwise to the west and ask, “Where did I come from?” Move clockwise to the North and ask, “Why Am I here?” Move clockwise. Journal or draw as you go. Take your time. Then returning to the direction which had the most power, balance your chakras with the tree.

I Rejoice in the Light of a New DayIn our closing ceremony thank your tree of Power and Tree of Healing with prayer, song and/or gifting and cement your ties for future relations, work and play!
Register Now. Participation is limited!
Core Practical Shamanism Techniques Introduction - 2 HR. Core Practical Shamanism Techniques for advanced personal and property shielding, power up, shamanic journey  11 am – 1 pm -  $50   This is an introduction to the techniques used in ALL of Azurae's Practical Shamanism workshops and a refresher for previous students so they can OWN them, use them and share them for personal and planetary healing. By establishing a regular practice of the core techniques you ready yourself for more advanced study of Practical Shamanism. Nature Spirit Energy Medicine and Earthkeeping Wisdom.
Whole day Tree Spirit Medicine Workshop - 2 pm7:00 pm includes Tree Spirit Medicine and Nature Spirit Medicine workbook $100

Sunday, Aug. 14 Private Healing Sessions ( 1.5 hrs.)  $125 and Soul Retrieval Portraits  (One hr.)  $100
Where? Sat. Aug 13 workshop at the Amethyst Center, 4443 Quarterwood Rd. Thaxton, VA 24174 (Private Shamanic Healings & White Light Brotherhood Ascension Attunements on Sun. Aug. 14 are at this location)
  • Register for the workshops and sign up for Sun. Private Healing Sessions and Soul Retrieval Portraits online at http://www.theamethystcenter.com/workshops.htm
  • Bring: A shamanic journey banket,  bag lunch, writing materials, a drum if you have one. Also bring a crystal, herb or other special medicine gift for the group Tree Spirit Medicine Altar. We provide bug and tick repellent! Wear walking shoes….no sandals!
  • To find about Azurae's Private Shamanic Healing sessions go to: http://theamethystcenternewsletter.blogspot.com/p/blog-page_48.html and for information about White Light Brotherhood Ascension Initiations and Attunements go to: http://theamethystcenternewsletter.blogspot.com/p/the-amethyst-center-4443-quarterwood-rd.html

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