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Healing Ways from the Ancients for today!

Azurae's Spirit doctor healing team, the Spirit in Nature and the White Light Brotherhood often assist in amazing healings during workshops. They connect journeyers with the highest possible Guides, Spirit Doctors and Totems to match their soul's blueprint frequency. Azurae was taught in the XAT Native American Medicine Society to access wisdom directly from the Spirit of Nature, the Enlightened Ancestors, Spirit Doctors who offer healing from other dimensions, the masters of the White Light Brotherhood and DNA memory. She carries this legacy of opening wisdom and healing channels to her students who are continuing to build on to the curriculum of Practical Shamanism.

MOVED! Medicine Wheel Healing and Sacred site Visions at the Amethyst Center Aug. 19 - 20

 MOVED! Medicine Wheel Healing and Sacred Site Visions at the Amethyst Center Aug. 19 - 20
Do you need sanctuary? Healing? A vision quest? A Nature Experience at a deep level? 
The Amethyst Center is an auspicious sanctuary for healing and visioning with the Spirit in Nature, the White Light Spiritual masters, the devic community and with angels. We are like the Findhorne of the Blue Ridge and have developed a happy co-creative relationship with Nature Spirit. So Nature Spirit, our resident Angel and the Spiritual Masters who frequent our sacred space have agreed to work on deep profound level with a limited number of people during this VERY special gathering..... Come to our wonderful weekend of Medicine Wheels, Sacred Site Healing & Medicine Visions - August 19 - 20. Gather with other gifted highly spiritual beings and find peace and community! 

Nine Sacred Sites and Medicine Wheels are Calling you to Heal and Vision with them!!!!
There are nine very powerful sacred sites on the 31 acres of
the Amethyst Center, each one having a unique healing medicine. They are the Angel Meditation Garden, The Herb Medicine Wheel, The Periwinkle Fairy Grove, The Water Elemental Sacred Spring, The Ceremonial Dance Circle, White Bears Medicine Grotto, the Sacred Forest Electromagnetic Medicine Wheel, the Robbers Roost Indian Rock Shelter and stream, and the Little People’s Territory in the Old Growth Forrest on the Ridge.

Meet the Powerful Spiritual Beings that Help and Heal at the Amethyst Center.
In this workshop we will dowse or muscle test the sacred sites from which you will receive the most beneficial healing or wisdom downloads and you’ll enjoy shamanic journeys and or meditations at three of them. Don’t be surprised to meet one of our resident Little People, Fairy Folk, the Tall White Elvin Guide, or White Bear of the Red Feather Medicine Society in your visions.
We will review how to merge energetically with your sacred sites using breath work, shamanic journey, intent, visualization and intent. Bring art supplies and / or cameras to record your visions and wisdom gained. Visions are made manifest when you create art, song, or dance with them. And this we will do!!!! 
This is an Ideal Time to Vision, Heal and Manifest with the Spirit in Nature, the Chief Healing Angels and the White Light Spiritual Masters!!!

Consider this a mini vision quest and an opportunity to learn advanced Nature Spirit Healing Techniques. 11 am – 6:00 pm Sat.. 11 am – 2 pm Sunday. $100 See www.theAmethystCenter.com for details. Paypal to azuraewwlkr@earthlink.net

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