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Healing Ways from the Ancients for today!

Azurae's Spirit doctor healing team, the Spirit in Nature and the White Light Brotherhood often assist in amazing healings during workshops. They connect journeyers with the highest possible Guides, Spirit Doctors and Totems to match their soul's blueprint frequency. Azurae was taught in the XAT Native American Medicine Society to access wisdom directly from the Spirit of Nature, the Enlightened Ancestors, Spirit Doctors who offer healing from other dimensions, the masters of the White Light Brotherhood and DNA memory. She carries this legacy of opening wisdom and healing channels to her students who are continuing to build on to the curriculum of Practical Shamanism.

Enlightened Shamanic Self Care in NOVA Oct. 14 & Roanoke Nov. 18

Enlightened Shamanic Self Care for Sensitive Folks, Mediums, Empaths, Healers and Shamanic Practitioners
with Azurae Windwalker  Sat.  Oct.  14 at Arlington Metaphysical Chapel and Sat. Nov. 18 at the Amethyst Center
Do you pick up upon others feelings and emotions easily, sometimes to your detriment? Do you carry negativity from others? Are you a medium, empath, healer or shamanic practitioner?  Do the solar flares, ascension shifts and chaos around you make you crazy?  If so, what you will learn in Enlightened Shamanic Self Care will greatly improve your well being and quality of life!!!! So join acclaimed 40 year shamanic healing practitioner Azurae Windwalker today!
Learning how to take care of yourself in chaotic energy times is imperative. If we don’t take care of ourselves…How can we take care of others?  So…. Learn Azurae’s cutting edge ways for powering up, personal  alchemical shielding and home protective shielding designed for spiritual warriors!!! Then learn how to clear non beneficial energy from the many layers of your energy and physical body. Finally learn how to clear your empathic solar center, feel better and gain clarity in your empathic intuitive powers. Hundreds of Azurae’s Practical Shamanic students can testify to the effectiveness of  this discipline for enlightened shamanic self-care.
By far many more people function intuitively through empathic skills that are based out of the solar plexus than third eye clairvoyance.  Empaths receive their information by sending out a cloud of energy and surrounding their target. This energy is then taken into the solar plexus and read. Because of this, it is an occupational hazard of empathic intuitive work to collect non-beneficial energy in the solar plexus. This negative energy can be harmful to your health!!!!! And unfortunately, young empathic healing practitioners and mediums are rarely taught how to clear the solar plexus. This shamanic discipline is key to your enlightened self care!
Techniques You’ll Learn:

  • Powering up, grounding and stabilizing your energy with Earth Sun Circular Breath – Stay strong in any situation for prayer, healing, and helping!
  • The Golden Egg - Violet Flame Alchemical Personal Shield – Deflects EMF, alkalines hate and fear to healthy energy, changes non beneficial energy to love and projects love and violet flame transmutation back out to the world!  Then you can safely experience challenging energy situations, places and people remaining strong and healthy!
  • The Blue Bubble Home & Property Energetic Shield and Diamond Stabilization Grid – Keeps negative energy, thoughts and harmful galactic and EMF radiation from your home and connects it to Universal Lifeforce.  It has even deflected tornados and fires!!
  • Solar Plexus Clearing for Empaths -  Helping empaths clear out the heavy energy collected in the solar plexus results in much more clarity. It improves health and empathic abilities too.
  • ArchAngel Michael Clearing Net – Michael clears out dark non beneficial energy and entities  from all layers of your energetic &  physical body as well as cells,  molecules and DNA.

11 am – 4 pm   Sat. Oct 14 -  $88 
Arlington Metaphysical Chapel
5618 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22205-1300
To Reserve your space
By E-mail:    info@arlingtonmeta.org 
By phone:   703 276-8738

11 am - 6 pm Sat. Nov. 18  $111 
The Amethyst Center
4443 Quarterwood Rd.
Thaxton, VA 24174
To Reserve space email AzuraeWindwalker@gmail.com or call/text 540-947-2423

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