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Healing Ways from the Ancients for today!

Azurae's Spirit doctor healing team, the Spirit in Nature and the White Light Brotherhood often assist in amazing healings during workshops. They connect journeyers with the highest possible Guides, Spirit Doctors and Totems to match their soul's blueprint frequency. Azurae was taught in the XAT Native American Medicine Society to access wisdom directly from the Spirit of Nature, the Enlightened Ancestors, Spirit Doctors who offer healing from other dimensions, the masters of the White Light Brotherhood and DNA memory. She carries this legacy of opening wisdom and healing channels to her students who are continuing to build on to the curriculum of Practical Shamanism.

 Energy Clearing and Healing with a Pendulum

This 2 hour introductory class is presented by Cheri Fitzgerald a Usui Reiki Master , Shamanic Practitioner and Inner Child Healing facilitator.  The class will begin with a brief description of how she discovered clearing and healing energy with a pendulum. Then it will proceed  to techniques of grounding and shielding , calling in protection , bringing in the Healing energies and Light (becoming a hollow bone to allow the Angels and Helping Spirits to work through you)  and weaving and activating a protective grid. There will be a discussion on setting boundaries: Who are you willing to work with?Where does the energy go after it is cleared and what to do with it?

As the series proceeds you will learn to clear yourself, others, land, water, workspace, home, automobile, trauma from your ancestral line, thought forms, attachments etc. and how to help children with issues such as nightmares and bullying. The senior dowsers present including Azurae Windwalker will help you clear your home an land distantly. Everyone will have an opportunity to practice by working on each other. Cheri will do brief personal clearings on those who need it in the class time permitting.

Hand outs will be available. Bring a pen to take notes. Water and lunch if you are staying for the next class. Wear comfortable clothes as the class is outside.

                            DATE: Sat.  July 28, 2018
                            Time 10:00 am -12 noon
                             Cost $35

Contact Azurae Windwalker at the Amethyst center to RSVP
                4443 Quarterwood Rd
                 Thaxton, Va. 24174
                Phone 540-947-2423  azuraewindwalker@gmail.com

Biography of Cheri Fitzgerald
              Usui Reiki Master - Shamanic Practitioner

At a young age Cheri discovered Edgar Cayce she began reading anything she could find on him. Cheri was drawn to a book on alchemy about St. Germaine not understanding what she read she just knew she was drawn to the cover, a portrait of St. Germaine. She found these books at her local library. Sensing it was not safe to let her family see her borrowed books she hid them, but checked them out over and over. As she became older and married and had children she put these interests in the back of her mind and got busy with life.

In 2001 while going through a divorce she was reintroduced to the Cayce works and discovered the Angels. She began studying everything she could find. After an auto accident and an injury to her neck she decided to put off surgery and give Reiki a try. Cheri was introduced to Reiki at a spiritual festival in her area. Cheri was so impressed by the healing she received over time she decided to become a Reiki practitioner and began her journey with Reiki.

While studying Reiki she discovered the Violet Flame and was reintroduced to St. Germaine by Virginia Able the Master she studied Reiki with. Cheri has been working with the violet flame of transmutation since then.  
Cheri studied inner child healing with John Bradshaw. She has incorporated much of what she learned into her Reiki practice.

While working on her healing through these modalities she was made aware of much unresolved trauma from this and other lifetimes . It was at this time she became aware of Raymon Grace and dowsing. Cheri began to use Raymon's technique and it has evolved from there.  During a festival in 2016 Cheri met Charlotte Murphy. With Charlottes help Cheri has been able to accelerate her own healing process and thereby help to facilitate healing for others. 

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